Your new home at Glenvale

Glenvale villas is more than just a home, it is your community!

Moving into a retirement community can be a daunting and anxious time of a person’s life for many reasons. Often it isn’t something that someone looks forward to and it can be put off for many years.

We hope to reduce these feelings of anxiety as much as possible, by providing much more than a roof above your head – Glenvale is a community and truly your new home.

Homes at Glenvale – the difference

Your home at Glenvale really is more than just a place to retire, it is your home!

  • One-bedroom homes are much larger than a nursing home room as they contain all of the things and furnishings that you would find in your home!
  • If you need a little more space, for example if you’re moving into Glenvale with your partner, then a two bedroom home could be just what you’re looking for! These have a little more space and mean you can both bring all of your treasured possessions.
  • You have a front door and your own key, and are able to decorate and furnish your house however you’d like.
  • You own your home! Unlike other aged care facilities; at Glenvale you actually own your home. Your name is registered on the title deed and any profit and capital gains you make when you sell, you share in.
  • You have a full kitchen so you can still whip up your favorite home cooked meals for yourself or bake cakes when the grandkids visit. If you don’t feel like cooking though we can have meals delivered from our restaurant, so you get the best of both worlds!
  • You can opt for as much care as you want and need. Glenvale offers care 24 hours a day which means you can choose exactly when you have assistance and how much. If you require round the clock care, it’s available, or if you need a little help here and there but live independently, you can do that too. Basically, you can choose how much help you require from everything from acts of daily living to cooking, cleaning and laundry.

Everything at Glenvale is your choice and we look forward to welcoming you to your new home!