4 common mistakes to avoid when searching for an aged care community

When you’re getting ready to move, or help your parents move, into an aged care or supported living community, doing some research is extremely important when it comes to choosing the right place. Because this is a new and unfamiliar territory, it’s possible you’ll make some mistakes during your search. Here, we’ll outline a few of the most common mistakes to avoid as you journey through this difficult time. 

Making a decision in haste – Not all communities are the same

Many time people feel rushed when it comes to making a decision about the future of a family member or themselves, so they end up choosing the first community they visit.  Or they believe that all communities are the same, and stop looking altogether.

The sign over the door, or the brochure, is no guarantee the place will be good. That magnificent foyer may impress you, but that’s not where you or your parents will live.

On the flipside, if you see one you don’t like, keep looking.  There are many different options, and you won’t really know a place until you have walked through it and spoken to both staff and residents before deciding.

Making location the first priority

While the location is certainly important in deciding where to move, you need to ensure that the community you choose offers the necessary services that your loved one needs and desires. Different people need different levels of care, so focus on what the community offers as a first priority. Having mum or dad close is no consolation if they don’t like the community. 

Not considering others’ wishes

You might walk into a residential community and fall in love with its inviting atmosphere or beautiful decor, but it’s very important to consider the wishes of the person that will live there. If it’s not for yourself, ensure that they are very involved in the decision-making process, as this is their future home. 

Being financially unprepared

When choosing a Supported Living community for a parent, it’s critical that you and everyone involved understand the financial aspect. All the buy-in costs, ongoing fees and exist costs can add up to be financially debilitating, and the last thing you want to do is run out of money or be forced into a decision due to finances at some point in the future. If care requirements increase, so do the costs. Remember this decision will hopefully be for many years, as our older Australians live longer and healthier lives than ever before. 

For more information on our beautiful community, contact us. We are happy to work with families to ensure they choose the right Supported Living community to provide a thriving and productive lifestyle for years to come.