Why choice is the most important thing you have

It’s a fact that many older Australians don’t plan for their future years, which can leave them with less choice and unanswered care questions until a health scare arises. This is where Glenvale Villas comes in. This community allows residents to plan for a better future without worrying about depressing nursing homes. With just one visit, most residents are convinced that Glenvale Villas gives them back control of their lives and the ability to make choices.

Planning for a time when you can no longer take care of yourself can be difficult and uncomfortable, but it’s worse to reach that time without a plan. Health issues can arise at the worst possible moment and often without warning. Unfortunately, we see situations where issues that could have been managed well in a community such as Supported Living are left to reach crisis point, forcing everyone involved to make quick decisions.

It’s understandable why this happens. We tend to assume that we’ll recover from an illness like we always have, or we may not have a definitive answer to the question of whether we can cope with a slow-developing health issue. Additionally, the thought of old-style nursing homes is enough to keep many of us at home for as long as possible. Losing our independence is a frightening prospect.

That’s why choice is the most important thing you have. If you experience a health scare that requires aged care, the health system takes over with invasive processes like an ACAT assessment. This often removes your independence in finding a suitable new home, and the level of care and cost to your family can be surprising.

Supported Living is the opposite of traditional aged care facilities. It takes away care worries because it has 24-hour care that changes as you need it. It still allows for independence, just without all the work. We plan ahead to minimise problems and create a personalised care plan in consultation with your family, doctor, and our Director of Care. This plan can increase or decrease care levels as you need them to manage your health, rather than just react to issues.

In conclusion, planning for your future and having the ability to make choices is crucial. Glenvale Villas and Supported Living offer solutions that give you back your life rather than take it away. Prevention and management are always better than a cure, and having a personalised care plan in place can minimise problems and allow you to maintain your independence.