Stay together in aged care

As we age, many of us may require permanent care, but what happens when a couple has vastly different health needs? Many aged care communities do not offer the option for couples to stay together, causing distress and separation anxiety. However, Glenvale Villas has designed their community to accommodate the needs of couples, offering double homes with internal connecting doors. This unique arrangement allows residents to feel like they are living together in the same home, while still maintaining a level of independence.

Separating couples in aged care not only affects the individual, but it can also impact the partner left behind. Many couples have divided their roles throughout their lives, leaving one partner at a great risk when left alone, with their quality of life and life expectancy dropping. By keeping couples together, the burden of care is lifted from the healthy partner, and the couple can maintain their relationship in a home-like environment.

Traditional nursing homes often feel institutionalised, resembling a hospital more than a village. At Glenvale Villas, residents are given the choice to maintain a high quality of life, even when health starts to decline. The “only pay for what you need” philosophy is tailored to the individual’s care requirements, while living arrangements are joined, allowing for minimal impact to the relationship.

The benefits of keeping life-long partners together are immeasurable, bringing peace of mind, contentment, and overall happiness. Glenvale Villas’ double homes and continuous individualised care system offer a unique approach to aged care, allowing couples to live out their senior years together in a home-like environment.

In conclusion, aged care should not force couples to separate, causing distress and separation anxiety. Communities like Glenvale Villas offer an ideal scenario for couples with vastly different care needs. The care requirements are tailored to the individual, but the living arrangement is joined, allowing couples to maintain their relationship in a home-like environment.