Breaking down the barriers that aged care once represented.

At Glenvale Villas, we’re breaking down barriers and changing the perception of aged care. In the past, aged care meant a one-way move to a nursing home, which sounded depressing and marked the end of one’s life. However, with Supported Living, we’ve effectively created a new age of care that combines the best of retirement-style independence with all the care and reassurance that being older requires.

At FutureCare, our mantra is “tomorrow’s care today,” and we’re committed to providing as much independence to our residents as possible. We don’t see ourselves as a nursing home, and neither will you. We’re all about offering a new lease on life, where care doesn’t mean “hospital,” as is often the case with nursing homes built on the hospital model over 50 years ago.

It’s time to change the perceptions of aged care and focus on offering seniors a home-like environment where they can age more gracefully. Traditional nursing homes are grappling with the challenge of extended life expectancies and are often unable to provide the level of care that seniors need while maintaining a sense of independence. At Glenvale Villas, we’re breaking down these barriers to life and aging by providing Supported Living, where seniors can age with dignity and respect.

It’s time to put the old perceptions of aged care behind us. Two centuries ago, a woman of 30 was considered an old spinster who could never have children. A century ago, a person of 50 was considered old. Retirement was effectively saying your life was over. However, perceptions have changed, and we’ve successfully broken down barriers that pigeonholed us as “old.” Now it’s time to break down the barriers that define aged care.

Supported Living is the answer to a future where aged care supports your lifestyle rather than replacing it. It’s time to offer seniors the opportunity to live their lives to the fullest, with all the care and support they need, in an environment that feels like home. We invite you to join us at Glenvale Villas and see for yourself how Supported Living is revolutionizing aged care.