How to transition from your own home into aged care

Making the decision to move from your own home into aged care can be one of the most overwhelming decisions of an individual’s life! There will be many mixed emotions; nervousness, excitement, defeat, acceptance, to name a few.

One thing is for certain, it is not a unique experience and many have similar stories to share about how hard it was for themselves and their loved ones.

To try and make the transition as stress-free as possible we share some information and strategies to consider when making the move:

What you can take with you

The aged care facility may have some furniture and furnishings but you can make your house your home with your own favourite pieces including personal belongings such as photographs, books and decorative items. Electrical items such as televisions, radios, computers and digital clocks can all come with you. They’ll be tested for safety and tagged so you can enjoy your favourite TV show or Radio station in your new home straight away.

Tell people about your move

Be sure you tell your family, friends, carers, neighbours and health professionals about your move. Not only will they want to know for logistical purposes, they’ll want to keep in touch!

You may need to change doctors, so your medical history can be sent to your new doctor. You’ll also need to update your address for your personal and financial matters, such as bank statements and health insurance.

Become familiar with your new home

If possible, consider visiting the facility a couple of times before you move in to meet the residents, aged care workers and get comfortable with your surroundings. This will also allow some time to ask any questions or address any concerns. For family members, you can discuss strategies, which may have helped other resident’s transition, which you can implement with your loved one.

Keep your as familiar as possible

Your move into an aged care facility is meant to make your life easier, not more stressful. You can still go about your daily lifestyle, have guests and maintain your own routine; whether that is cooking for yourself, doing your laundry, being physically active. Alternatively there is assistance available on all levels of care if you wish to take advantage of it!

Moving into aged care is a life changing process for the person involved, their family and their friends.  This life transition can be difficult but fortunately there are many ways in which the individual, family and friends can provide support and ensure a smoother, more comfortable transaction, which might even make moving into aged care enjoyable!