People are living much longer these days, than in times past. This is wonderful news! Think of all the exciting things we can continue to see and do plus the new experiences we can discover. There may come a time when you need a little help and this is where supported living services can assist you to remain independent in your home.

Although we are healthier and living longer, we will face new challenges as we age. Some may have trouble taking care of routine tasks. Housekeeping can be a challenge, as well as preparing meals, and handling finances. For others, their challenges may be along the lines of failing vision, hearing, and trouble walking independently.

With so many people living to be older, we can be thankful that there are many resources available for senior citizens to obtain the care they need. There are multiple living options to choose from, with different levels of care.

But what if, regardless of the extent of assistance needed, seniors would still like to live in a home of their own? They’d like to keep their own furnishings, and be able to come and go, as always. What if they’d still like to entertain guests? Many also do not like the idea of having to move, as their needs change. Thanks to supportive living, we have the answer!

Supported Living is a unique type of community. Each resident, or couple, is able to live in their individual home, that is much like any small house. The homes are fully equipped for independent living, with a functioning kitchen. Residents are free to come and go, entertain guests, and even host an overnight visit.

Supported Living is the ideal answer to ageing in place. Residents can maintain as much independence as possible, while knowing that reliable help available, anytime it is needed. Supportive care changes as needs change, and residents only pay for the services they are currently using. There will never be any reason to move again, as supportive living is able to provide 24 hour a day assistance. So whether you only desire the security of knowing help is there if you need it, need only minimal assistance with things like shopping and cooking, or more intensive nursing care, it’s a great option for you.

Don’t let the challenges, associated with ageing, prevent you from enjoying your life. Each day is a blessing. Live each day to the fullest extent possible, whether you need a little help or a lot.