Choosing an Aged Care Community

Choosing an aged care community is choosing a new home, not a new services club to visit for the bingo. It is a ‘big deal’. You live there full time, and it needs to be a place in which you feel some peace, comfort and support. Here’s the list of questions you should ask yourself before you move.

1. When do I want to move?
Don’t leave it too late. You need time to plan, sell your home and find the right community.

2. Are my health needs changing?
For most older Australians, that answer is yes, so look for a facility that can alter care levels as your needs change.

3. What are my options?
There are many levels of aged care depending on what you need. Low care, high care and extra services are common terms which deliver certain levels of care, but they can also include moving when you require more care. Once again, look for  ageing-in-place communities like Glenvale Villas.

4. Do some people pay more to move in?
In the traditional age care system, your entry fee is assessed based on your assets and income. The more you have, the more you will pay. We don’t think that is very fair.

5. What do I own?
At Glenvale Villas you own your home, with your name on the title. Many other aged care facilities have a complex lease system, so do your homework.

6. How much independence will I have?
Many aged care facilities limit independence, right down to sharing rooms. At Glenvale Villas, you can live as independently as you have always done in your own fully self contained home.

7. Can family visit whenever they like?
Every aged care facility is different, but many have strict visiting hours, just like hospitals. At Glenvale Villas friends and family can visit anytime, and even stay over.

8. What ‘services’ do I pay for?
Services such as nursing care and support (domestic needs like laundry and cleaning) are charged as fees additional to your entry cost or home purchase.  These can get expensive, so make sure you understand these before signing anything, as some facilities charge you for things you may never need.

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