Modern aged care – Tailored to the needs of a different generation

As a generation, our current elders have been fairly active, and have overseen some of the greatest changes in society. And now, in their older years, this generation is again shaking up what is accepted in aged care.

From fighting for our freedoms in WWII, to the open social rebellion of the 50s and 60s that changed society forever, our older Australians have never accepted the status quo. It is thanks to them that we have many of the liberties we today take for granted, including years of unprecedented growth, a quality of life the envy of the world, and a stable country in which to bring up our children.

The major hallmark of this generation was how they moved through the different phases of life and left behind fundamental changes at every level.

As teenagers, rebellion in the form of rock and roll and 60s beatniks changed music and youth culture for ever, opening unheard of freedoms for young people, and setting the acceptance of youth creativity that would define every generation from then on.

As captains of industry they changed business, politics and social welfare. They rebelled against unfair treatment, discrimination, alienation and wars in a way no generation had before, and they demanded their own voice be heard.

As retirees, they changed the way we thought about retirement and the end of life. Prior to this, people retired from work and from life at the same time. Beginning in the 1990s, this generation demanded a new age of freedoms for retirees and a new standard of accommodation and living options. The modern aged care retirement village was born.

Finally, elders now have options not available to their parents. No longer content to be part of a process, seniors have forced the system to individualise.

Glenvale Villas is at the forefront of this new age thinking. Our community boasts things never thought possible in the previous institutionalised care system, such as:

  • Completely individualised care, in consultation with the family doctor and family. Our residents don’t fit a level (low, medium or high care) – it is all tailored exactly to their needs
  • Only pay for what you use. Forget paying for care levels you never use.
  • Completely flexible amounts of care and support. Need more care or less? Our ‘Continuous Care’ process can increase or decrease as you need it.
  • Life partners with differing care needs can stay together.
  • Residents’ own homes, complete with everything a home should have, instead of just a room and a bed.
  • The freedom to still have a small pet.

But don’t be fooled that this is the new status quo. There are still plenty of traditional nursing homes. If you are looking for yourself or on behalf of a parent, do your research and look carefully at each facility’s offerings.

Contact us or come and see us anytime you like, and speak to our residents. They will speak from the heart and tell you how Glenvale transformed their lives.