Supporting your parents – the questions you need to ask

Looking for a suitable aged care community for a parent can be a daunting experience, but it’s important not to ignore the signs that they may need continuous support. Waiting for a crisis or destabilising event, such as a significant accident or the loss of a partner, can make the transition process extremely challenging, both emotionally and physically. Supporting your parents during the transition to retirement home living is essential.

Living alone can expose seniors to risks and make it demanding for close family to cater to their daily living arrangements. It’s essential to recognise the need for support before a traumatic event occurs. Discussing and making decisions in a calm and factual manner can help ease the transition for the senior in question.

When looking at aged care communities, it’s important to consider several factors, such as physical limitations, the environment, costs, levels of care, pets, availability, staff, independence, meals, and domestic support. At Glenvale Villas, we strive to create a comfortable and familiar environment for our residents by allowing them to bring their own furniture and decorate their homes as they please. We also offer individualised care and cost based on each resident’s needs, without any hidden costs.

At Glenvale Villas, we don’t require an aged care assessment prior to moving in, and our staff includes medical professionals whom you can contact directly. We encourage our residents to maintain their independence by going out when they like and even bringing their cars with them. Our meals are customisable, and residents can choose to eat in the comfort of their own homes. We also offer cleaning services with associated costs.

Making the decision to move a parent into an aged care community can be difficult, but it can also provide them with a better quality of life and a secure future. By approaching the process with gentle determination and considering all the important factors, you can help make the transition as smooth as possible for your loved one.