5 easy daily exercises for the elderly

Exercise is vital for the elderly to age well, both physically and mentally.
Focussing on mobility, balance and strength, these exercises for seniors can play a key role in maintaining independence for as long as possible.

These exercises can be done together to make up a set or individually as and when you can squeeze them in throughout the day.

5 exercises for the elderly to do daily

Sit to stand

The sit to stand is one of the most important exercises for seniors to do regularly. It can be applied to so many tasks of daily living like using the toilet, getting out of bed and getting out of a chair.

To stand, sit in the chair and bring the toes back to underneath the knees. Lean forward so your nose is slightly over your knees and push up with the legs to a standing position (use your arms to push off the chair if you need to.

To sit, bend at the knees and push your hips towards the chair until you are in the seated position. Start with 5, working your way up to 20.

Calf raises

A great starter strength and balance exercise. Using a chair or counter stand straight and raise up to stand on your tiptoes as high as you can go then gently lower back down. Aim to keep standing up straight, not leaning forward on the chair or counter. Start with 5, working your way up to 20. If standing calf raises are too strenuous, you can also do seated ones.

Walking on the spot

This simple yet effective exercise is great for balance. If you need support you can hold onto a counter or rest your hand against a wall. Standing straight, life your knee as high as you can then repeat with the other leg until you are marching on the spot. Start with 5, working your way up to 20.

Push ups against the wall

This is a great strength exercise. Standing an arms length away from an empty wall lean forward and place the palms flat against it at the height and width of the shoulders. Keep your feet steady as you bring your body towards the wall then push back so your arms are straight. Start with 5, working your way up to 20.

Single leg raises

This simple exercise for the elderly works wonders. To start, stand behind a steady chair and hold onto the back. First lift up the right foot whilst balancing on the left. Hold the position for as long as you can before switching feet. Work up to being able to do this without the support of the chair and holding the post for a minute.

If you have any concerns over exercising  always consult an exercise professional such as an Accredited Exercise Physiologist or Physiotherapist before starting a new exercise program. For more information, visit our website.