Is Supported Living for you?

The freedom to choose where you live in your senior years is a wonderful benefit of our Australian society. Not all countries offer this kind of support and we should be grateful to have the privilege of choice. Australian supported living aged care offerings are ever increasing to ensure our elders are well cared for in their senior years. At Glenvale Villas we are proud to say that we are one of the leading aged care options in Toowoomba.

With a variety of choice, comes decision making! Making the right decision for yourself, or your parents, is not always easy.

Here are a few essentials to help you decide whether supported living is a good option for you!

  1. Do you wish to maintain independence?
    This is an important question to consider as there is no point opting for independent living when your health doesn’t allow it. Do you like to head out by yourself or do you prefer group outings? Are you able to do your own shopping or do you need help with this? Are you still able to clean and maintain your home? At Glenvale Villas, the great news is that we encourage as much independence as you wish, with all the help available if you need it.
  2. Do you have a small pet that you’d like to keep with you?
    Most nursing homes do not allow for pets, as they simply cannot maintain an environment that is conducive to the comfort of both animals and people. Glenvale Villas allows small pets, and they are a wonderful part of our community.
  3. Do you need help with medications/bathing or other personal tasks?
    Our nursing staff can assist with low to medium care needs.
  4. Do you love to garden?
    Glenvale Villas have gardens which belong to each home. These can be maintained by the home owner, or alternatively our residents can elect to have our gardeners take care of them. We also have a great vege patch. We encourage our residents to get involved with the gardening. And many residents also have their own sun drenched balcony gardens with flowers and ornaments.
  5. Do you still like to prepare your own food?
    Our residents have their own kitchen facilities. A lot of our community take advantage of our onsite restaurants though. Sometimes it’s good to have a break from home duties, and sometimes cooking is just too hard for some hands! With the option of either eating at home or in our restaurant (or even having restaurant meals delivered to your door), we think it presents residents with choices and flexibility.
  6. Are you thinking of the future?
    Many residents come to Glenvale Villas knowing they will be happy here now and into the future. We even offer a try before you buy option that allows residents to experience all we have to offer before making the final decision to move in.
  7. Are you looking for options for a couple rather than an individual?
    We even have options for couples seeking to remain together even if their health needs differ.
  8. Are you looking for a home that feels homely, and don’t want a single room?
    Our homes are designed to be comfortable, familiar, welcoming and adorned with modern and tasteful finishes. Bedrooms are separate from living areas, and there is a separate kitchen and bathroom.
  9. Do you just need someone to keep an eye on mum or dad?
    Many families prefer a supported living environment for their older members, because it offers the security and assurance of knowing help is available if needed, or simply to keep an eye on mum or dad. One of people’s worst fears is finding a loved one stuck on the floor after a fall. Having people around and a purpose built home with panic buttons etc installed is a huge relief.
  10. Are you wary of the costs involved obtaining support?
    Pay for what you need and use, and only that much. That’s our system, and we think it’s pretty fair.

To learn more about Glenvale Villas supported living age care offerings simply give us a call, we look forward to hearing from you.