Try It, Love It, Live It Free Stay Offer

Our Try It, Love It, Live It offer is a way your parent/s can try the Glenvale Villas difference for FREE and discover how their own home and 24 hour, 7 day nursing care and support can change their lives.

As your parent age, you probably worry about them more and more. Whether you are concerned about them falling, you are worried about them not being able to care for themselves as they once could, or you have other concerns, it can be difficult to raise the “nursing home” discussion. Your parents may not be open to the idea of moving to a nursing home and we can’t blame them! Perhaps it is time to consider Glenvale Villas Aged Care Living instead.

Although there are many reasons residents prefer Glenvale Villas Aged Care over a nursing home, here are three great reasons we are sure your parents will enjoy living here.

It is Their Space

Residents are welcome to decorate their home the way they like, bringing along their favourite chair or hanging pictures of the grandkids in the living area. The one-bedroom homes are equipped with a full kitchen, a laundry area, a dining area, a living area, a bathroom, and a bedroom. The homes are more than double the size of nursing home rooms. If both of your parents are looking to move and they want a bigger space, they can even get a connected unit, allowing them to have even more living space as well as two bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Because it is the resident’s own home, visitors are welcome to come as often as they like. They can even spend the night.

Only Pay for Services Needed

When your parents move into a home in our community, they only pay for the services they actually use. As the need for help increases or decreases, prices are adjusted accordingly.


If residents want to cook their own meals, they can do that. They can do laundry at home on their own. Residents retain their independence and because they live in their own home rather than just a room, they have privacy. With level floors throughout the home and support railing in the bathrooms, getting around their home is easier. Plus, all homes have an actual front door with a key lock, something your parents would never have in a nursing home.

If you are interested in learning more about our great community, and our Try It, Love It, Live It offer contact us today. Your parent/s get to experience the benefits of living in our community for themselves before they make the commitment of moving. It’s a great way of seeing if it’s the right option for them.