Try Before You Buy at Glenvale Villas

The decision to move from the comfort and familiarity of your own home into a retirement village can be a daunting experience.

When making this decision you will likely be overwhelmed with opposing emotions.

Denial that can still retain a certain level of independence, yet acceptance that you do need some assistance. Feelings of loss; such as the comfort of your own surroundings and your family home, accompanied by feelings of relief that you don’t have to worry about the little things that you have been struggling with any more.

It’s completely normal to be apprehensive about moving into a retirement village, so what if we told you that you can ‘try before you buy’?

With Glenvale’s Try it, Love it, Live it offer you can live in the retirement village for a period of time before you make the decision to move in long-term. We’re so confident you’ll love it, we let you trial it, at no cost!

Why we know you’ll love retirement village living

Assistance to enable you to still live independently

Glenvale provides you will the level of assistance that you need and care is focussed on what you can do, not what you can’t. Care is available 24/7 if you need it and completely individualised. You can increase care and assistance when you need it, if you fall ill, for example, and reduce it when you don’t.

Help around the house

As well as personal care, Glenvale offers you help around the house, with domestic tasks, laundry and meals. Your home at Glenvale is yours to look after in your own way.

Couples stay together; you can even bring your pet!

A huge concern when moving into retirement living is being separated from your partner or beloved pet. Not at Glenvale! Couples stay together, and you are welcome to bring your pet, even when living with us on the trial basis.

Will all these perks, transitioning from your own home into a retirement village might not be as daunting as you imagine! In fact, you might even be looking forward to it!

So pack your bag, Fido’s bowl and get in touch today and experience Glenvale for yourself!