Pets and Seniors

We have all heard the old saying; a dog is mans best friend and that couldn’t be truer for seniors.

Animals are present; they don’t worry about the future or think about the past and this in itself provides a huge level of comfort especially to the elderly.

If you have pets then you know how much joy then bring to your home. But did you know they could actually help improve your health and wellbeing? This is especially true for seniors.

The healing powers of pets


Pets provide an effortless companionship, which can make the world of difference. Dogs have an amazing ability to understand human emotions, which means they can pick us up when we’re feeling down.


Pets can have a phenomenal affect on depression and loneliness, which is something many elderly people live with. They help the elderly focus on something other than their physical or mental limitations. Many people find being with their pets relaxing and comforting.


Pets also provide a great sense of purpose, which is something people can struggle with, as they get older.

Healthy ageing

A study known as ‘The Blue Zone” has identified that owning a pet can actually increase life span and support healthy ageing.


Animals are very in tune with human emotions and needs. They can often pick up when we are sad or sick and may be able to offer warning signals.

Social Interaction

Dogs are social and therefore make their owners social too. No one can resist commenting on how cute Fido is and this can spark conversations you might not usually have.

At Glenvale we understand that your pets are part of your family too and that’s why we let you bring them along! Your home here at Glenvale is as much Fido’s as it is yours.

Contact us today to discuss starting your new life with your pet at Glenvale.