Going green – Glenvale gets new solar panels

In Queensland, 30% of homes have solar – so it was only a matter of time before Glenvale did too!

Typically in a normal household energy consumption during the daytime is relatively low, due to parents being at work and the kids being at school.

However in the Aged Care and Residential Care space there is a large amount of energy consumed 24 hours a day 7 days a week consistently.  In aged care, lighting accounts for approximately 35% of total energy consumption; in residential homes this is approximately 10%.

Glenvale encompasses a large space, and the energy consumption can be on the high side too; in turn so can be power bills. The majority of our energy is consumed in daylight hours when residents are awake and facilities are being used.

There aren’t many ways to cut costs in aged care facilities without cutting services available for our residents. Reducing the standard of care or facilities available is something we would never consider doing at Glenvale, saving costs this way is not an option.

As we do encompass a large space, this means we have a vast amount of roof space to house solar panels.

By choosing to go solar Glenvale can reduce our carbon footprint and energy consumption – a win for both the environment and for us financially, meaning funds can be spent more meaningfully among the services that we provide to our community and residents!