Looking after your Elderly loved ones these holidays

Make sure you involve your elderly loved ones in the festive cheer and look after them these holidays!

The holidays can be an exceptionally lonely and isolating time for the elderly. Christmas especially involves lots of planning and thinking ahead, it’s a great time to share the load and get all the family involved!

How you can look after your elderly loved ones at Christmas

Check in and see if they need help

The holiday period can be a busy time but make sure you find time to check in on your elderly family members. Do they need any help with groceries, Christmas shopping or delivering Christmas cards? Make sure that any medical supplies are accounted for and consider the public holiday closures if they might need to prepare and stock up their prescriptions in advance.

Offer to host Christmas

Get in early and offer to host Christmas this year! Your elderly relatives may now be in aged care facilities meaning they can’t host Christmas any more, but this doesn’t mean they can’t be a key part of the day still! Help your elderly relatives feel comfortable about handing over the Christmas reigns and involve them in the new plans and ask for their advice.

Accommodate all family members

Ensure elderly family members are accommodated and can get to whoever is hosting Christmas! Do they need picking up, a place to stay overnight? Make sure the space is comfortable for an elderly person to navigate and they can access all necessary areas of the home, and have comfortable seating.

Create new traditions

The elderly in your family may struggle with not being able to do as much as they used to so be sure to include them in Christmas traditions and ensure they have something to do that is in their capability.

As time goes on elderly family members may need a little extra help over the holidays and may not be able to assist the way that they used to with festive preparations, but with a bit of forward thinking your elderly relatives can transition into new ways of doing things at Christmas.

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