Caring for the elderly at Christmas

It’s important to pay special attention to the elderly people in your life over the festive period.

Christmas can be a lonely time of year for many people, particularly the elderly who can often find they spend this time of year on their own.

Maybe they may have lost their partner or maybe they have had family move away. Regardless of the reason many elderly people they find themselves alone at this time of year and unfortunately that puts them at greater risk of anxiety and depression.

Whether you are a family member, carer, friend or neighbour – you can make the difference in an elderly persons life this Christmas!

3 ways you can care for the elderly at Christmas

Visit and check in on regularly

Check in on your elderly neighbours regularly, giving them a knock and saying Merry Christmas could be all it takes to make a difference to their day! Don’t forget to give them a Christmas card and if you can, involve them in any Christmas plans you may have!

Help them with their festive tasks

Elderly people often have limited mobility and may find tasks such as putting Christmas decorations up, writing or sending Christmas cards or Christmas grocery shopping difficult. Offer your assistance and even consider if you could fit one more at your Christmas dinner table or take them over a Christmas dinner if you know of a neighbour spending Christmas alone!


There are many organisations looking for volunteers all throughout the year but particularly at Christmas. Whether it is visiting an aged care home to talk to residents or helping to prepare meals for delivery, there is always a way to help. There are dedicated websites to apply to volunteer or you can even pop in to your local aged care homes and see if there is any way you can involved.

However you can, spread some festive cheer and make sure you think about and care for the elderly people in your life at Christmas – you might literally make it the most wonderful time of the year for them!