Is It Time to Transition Your Loved Ones to Supported Living?

The decision to move a loved one to a supported living community is never easy to make, and is often complex both emotionally and practically. It may never feel like the right time to move your parent to supported living. After all, it’s a big step. But ultimately, it’s often the one that is best for everyone involved.

Here are a few signs that it may be time to consider the move to supported living.

Physical safety and wellbeing.

There are a few key behaviors to watch out for. Maybe your parent is forgetting things more than usual or not cleaning their home. If you notice that they’re not motivated to take care of themselves or their living space, then a change needs to happen. Additionally, you may be concerned that your loved one will not have access to medical help quickly enough, in which case it’s best to start exploring assisted living options. And keep in mind: at Glenvale Villas, we offer all kinds of care, individualised to each residents’ needs.

Emotional health.

Check-in with your loved one. If they seem depressed, frustrated, or anxious, it could be time to make a change. Asking them about their day and if they have had any stressful experiences can be a good way to know what they’re feeling. If your parent or loved one is living by themselves, the chances are they’re feeling lonely, but may be reluctant to admit it. One of the best things about an assisted living community such as ours is that they can take part in a wide array of social activities and meet new people.

It’s becoming hard to take care of them.

It is incredibly honorable to care for your parent. But caring for a loved one can leave you feeling like you have no time for yourself or the rest of your family. After a day of doctors appointments, grocery shopping, cooking and cleaning for your loved one, it’s typical to feel burnt out. If you are overwhelmed by the responsibility, just remember that help is out there.

They show interest.

Remember that it is hard for a parent to ask their child for help. Look for the little ways they may be hinting that they want a change. Maybe they mention in passing that they’re having trouble. Or they tell you they’ve been looking around online. It may be a sign that they’re at least ready to start a conversation about it.