Ideas For Keeping Grandchildren Entertained

If you are a grandparent, then you know the feeling of seeing your little grandchildren come through your front door. Whether they are dropping by for a day visit or an overnight stay, it’s always a happy and welcomed time. Like most parents, you probably struggle to keep them entertained throughout their visit. Here are a few simple ways to keep them engaged and having a good time.

Play Board Games

Young children are always excited to sit down and engage in family time. They enjoy the interaction with older adults and the attention put on them at the time. Pull out board games or card games for children. If you don’t have any of your own, ask the children to bring their favorite games when they come. You might want to specify non-electronic games, or you might spend the day watching them play games online.

Teach Them Your Favorite Activity/Hobby

Everyone has something they are good at doing. Why not share it with your grandkids? It’s a great way for them to learn more about you and themselves. Whether it is sewing, playing sports, or a musical instrument, children love to learn and discover new talents. The little one might just discover a whole new interest.

Make Refreshing Drinks

Children love to sip on cool and refreshing drinks. Teach them about entertaining guests and offering refreshments. You can be quite creative in the kitchen. You might make tea, lemonade, or some other type of punch together. Host a tea party!

Take a Stroll Around the Community

Go ahead and show off the grandkids little smiling faces. You might want to step next door to your neighbors or stroll through the community. Your neighbors will with no doubt be a bit envious of your joyful guests.

Read Books Together

With so much available technology to young children, taking a break from it, to read a book with a grandparent is always a treat. Plan a trip to the library if you need to stock up on books before the little ones arrive. Most importantly, enjoy your time spent with your grandchildren.

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