Fathers day gift ideas for your Senior Dad or Grandad

As men get older, buying a gift for them becomes harder – as they likely have everything that they could possibly need already. Not only that, but Dads and Grandads also have a habit of not offering suggestions to help you choose the perfect fathers day gift.

However, just because they don’t need anything, doesn’t mean that there isn’t the perfect gift out there, that they didn’t even realise how much they wanted.

We share our top fathers day gift ideas for Seniors or retired Dads and Grandads that have been there, done that, and seen it all!

Top fathers day gift ideas for your senior Dad or Grandad

  1. Newspaper or puzzle book subscriptions. As our parents’ age there is nothing more important than keeping their minds busy! A subscription to their favourite newspaper or puzzle books provides entertainment and engagement and is a little regular surprise that they can enjoy on the regular. Make sure you order the version with the large, easy to read print!
  2. Audiobooks. If reading isn’t his thing then treat him to a new audiobook or two. Nowadays most are available as Audiobooks. Whether crime, thriller, romance, or history are his thing – there is something for everyone to enjoy.
  3. Meal delivery service. Give your Dad or Grandad a break from their daily task of cooking dinner by organising pre-prepared, nutritious meals delivered directly to his door. If he still likes cooking you can instead organise grocery boxes so they’re still able to cook up a storm without having to go to the supermarket.
  4. Digital photo frame. Load a digital photo frame with family pictures and watch it take prime position on his mantelpiece. Digital photo frames will allow you to add and update the photos on the regular, meaning he’ll always have new memories to reflect on!
  5. Non-slip slippers and socks. If all else fails, you can’t go wrong with some new pairs of socks or slippers, non-slip of course!

We hope these fathers day gift ideas help you choose the perfect gift this fathers day.