Aged Care Homes Offer Peace of Mind for the Whole Family

Growing old together in the same home where they raised their children is most parents’ dream. However, there comes a time when the house gets to be too much to manage and having additional help is necessary. Whether it’s assistance with upkeep of the home, daily cleaning or ensuring health needs are being met, you may be noticing your parents can’t keep up with it all. Many families with adult children try to delegate tasks amongst the siblings to help keep mum and dad in their home. But what do you do when it’s not working? If schedules don’t allow the extra time to help your parents without taking away from your personal life, it may be time to seek another solution like a private aged care home.

Own a private aged care home, not rent a room

Glenvale Villas is the answer, with the perfect balance of independence and support for your parents. Your parents can downsize their home in a community full of other people at the same stage in life as your parents. For your parents, they’ll appreciate the ability to maintain their lifestyle and continue living life as usual, without the restrictions that nursing homes have. Because at Glenvale Villas, they’re owning a home, not renting a room.

Purchasing a home at Glenvale Villas allows your parents to maintain their independence. Their home is complete with a kitchen, lounge space, bedroom, laundry and a private terrace. There are no intrusive room checks or invasions of privacy that come with living in nursing homes. In fact, residents only pay for the care and support they choose or need.

Just as your parents needed peace of mind when they were raising you, you need peace of mind with their living situation as they age. Purchasing an aged care home at Glenvale Villas can give you that peace of mind you desire. It also gives your parents the option of downsizing their home while maintaining their independence and status as a homeowner. Contact us today for more information on joining the community at Glenvale Villas.