Easter craft ideas to get creative with the family!

Time is flying, and Easter will be here before we know it. Which means it is time to start thinking about Easter crafts. Sure, you could buy decorations. But handmade pieces are so much more fun, and in the end, they are much more meaningful. The best part is that you can make them with your family!

Here are a few ideas so you can get crafty:

1. Easter Mason JarsIt’s time to pull out the spring colors and get painting! Have fun turning something as simple as a mason jar into a charming piece of decor.

2. Paper Flower GarlandThis is relatively simple to get started on because all you need is paper, tape or glue, and string. And the end result both lovely and versatile.

3. Button EggDo you have a collection of buttons that you always thought you would use but haven’t yet? Well, here is your chance! Creating an Easter egg out of buttons is fun and easy.

4. Eggshell PlantersDid you know could turn trash into a beautiful decoration? Well, you can! You may want to get started a bit early on this one, so the seeds have time to grow before Easter.

5. Easter Egg Flower PotsIf you aren’t ready to get messy with actual eggshells, no problem! You can make mini flower pots out of plastic eggs instead. Just go with whatever look you prefer.

6. Clothespin CrossYou didn’t know clothespins could be so beautiful, did you? Use old pins to create a truly meaningful decoration.

7. Chick Place Holders. This is one decoration that might take a little time. But the end result is so adorable, that it will definitely be worth it. This is one you can use your imagination on as well.  

8. Paint Chip Easter Egg BannerThis is both easy and cost effective. But the result is a fun, colorful banner to hang up over your door, in your kitchen, or wherever you want!

9. Hatching Chick DecorationHave you or your grandchild ever watched a chick hatch from its shell? Even if not, you can create your own hatching chick for Easter!

10. Paper Plate Easter BunnyPull out those cotton balls and start gluing! By the end, you’ll have a furry friend to keep you company. You might even want to think of a name.

11. Popsicle Stick ChickWhile we are talking about DIY animal friends, you might want to check out this adorable chick made from popsicle sticks. Who knows, he and the bunny could become best buddies!

12. Sparkly Easter EggsWho doesn’t love a little sparkle now and then? This glittery project will delight everyone. Once again, you can add your own embellishments wherever you please.

13. Bunny Banner. If the Easter egg banner wasn’t enough, you can make a bunny banner to go alongside it. Use pom-poms or cotton balls for tails.

14. Easter Egg WreathYou’ll really flex your crafting muscles with this one! It might take a try or two to get it right, but once you’ve mastered the art, nothing can stop you! This is a great decoration to hang on your door around Easter.

15. Wooden Bunny. It’s time to pull out the paintbrush and glue one more time! These adorable bunnies can go indoors or outdoors.    

16. Giant Flower Easter Egg. This decoration really goes all out. If you enjoy cutting shapes and gluing, then definitely check it out. If you don’t want to purchase a foam egg, or if you want something a tad smaller, a balloon will work as well.

17. Carrots for the Easter Bunny. Some people leave cookies and milk for Santa Claus at Christmas time. So why not make some carrots for the Easter Bunny? These are so adorable that you’ll probably want to keep them around even after Easter is over.

18. Easter Vases. Last but not least, this project is great for upcycling old jars. Once you are done, you can fill the vases with lovely Easter flowers.

And that’s that – eighteen handmade Easter decoration ideas from Glenvale Villas. We hope you enjoyed them! As always, contact us if you need any information about our community. And Happy Easter!