6 easy Christmas craft ideas for the elderly

Christmas is a time full of celebrations, festivities and joy! The Christmas period can be an exciting time, however it can also be one of mixed emotions for the elderly and it’s important to make this time of year as fun and special as possible for them. Whether still living at home or in aged care, what better way for the elderly to get into the festive spirit than to engage in some Christmas crafts? Crafting at Christmas times not only brings Christmas cheer, it is great for mental health, hand eye coordination and sensory stimulation, reducing anxiety and encouraging socialisation! Here are our Christmas craft ideas.

6 easy Christmas crafts ideas for seniors to get into the festive spirit

  1. Hand made Christmas cards.

    A trusty old faithful! What easier craft to get creative with at Christmas is there than a home made Christmas card? They make great, personalised presents and provide endless fun, no one can ever have too many Christmas cards!

  2. Home made snow globes.

    Waterless snow globes are surprisingly easy to create! All you need is a jar, some glue, and some festive items to be the centrepiece, some glitter and some fake snow!

  3. Tree decorations.

    Christmas tree decorations are one of the easiest Christmas crafts to get involved in. You can make them out of pretty much anything. Add some sparkle, string, and imagination and you have yourself some beautiful personalised Christmas tree decorations.

  4. Bow wreaths.

    All you need is a wreath, a selection of store bought bows and some glue and before you know it you will have a masterpiece fit for any front door! Simply glue bows all over the wreath until it is completely covered, add a ribbon to the top to form the hook and voila you’re done!

  5. Photo frames

    Hand decorated photo frames make a thoughtful, personalised gift. You can purchase plain wooden photo frames from a craft store or online and jazz them up with paint, embellishments and sparkle. Even better, you can take a photo on Christmas day to add to the frame, making this present extra special!

  6. Knitted crafts

    If a spot of knitting is their thing, ask them to teach you! Whether making booties for a new grandchild, a hat, scarf, ugly Christmas jumper or tea cosy, knitting takes some serious skills and is a wonderful past time to get involved in at Christmas and beyond.

There are endless Christmas craft ideas to make this time of year extra special for the elderly, especially those living in aged care.