5 Christmas Gift Ideas For The Elderly

The hardest thing about purchasing gifts for grandparents or elderly parents is they generally have everything already!

If you’re struggling to decide what to buy older friends and family members for Christmas, we’ve put together 5 Christmas gift ideas for the elderly that they may not have, and won’t realise how much they wanted!

Gifts for the elderly for Christmas, or any occasion

Digital photo frame
Digital photo frames are a fantastic gift idea for the elderly and older relatives especially as you can pre-load them with all their favourite photos of their grandkids and loved ones! You can even have old printed photos digitised so that they can be included, providing them with beautiful memories to reminisce on throughout the year!

Printed calendars are great for everyone, but especially older people who may struggle to remember everyones birthdays and what plans they have for the weeks ahead.

If your older relative enjoys a good read, then audiobooks may make a fabulous addition to their book collection! Audiobooks are great as they require nothing more than for them to put their feet up and relax. Almost every book is available in an audio version, so find out their favourite genre and update their collection!

An activity
Older people often feel lonely around Christmas so organising an activity that you can do together could be the perfect present! With so many activities on offer, from a painting lesson, to a bowling session! Think about their interests and plan something with them in mind.

Brain training games
Just as physical activity is great for keeping the body healthy, brain training games are excellent for the mind. They can help seniors improve their cognitive skills including memory, awareness and boost their mood. There are schools of thought that suggest regularly engaging in brain training exercises can ward off dementia; whether this is true or not is not yet proven but regardless it is much better for the brain than watching TV!

We hope you found our 5 Christmas gift ideas for the elderly helpful and we wish you all a Merry Christmas from Glenvale Villas.

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