5 ways reading promotes better ageing

We all know the importance of keeping our bodies fit, but rarely do we put the same attention towards keeping our minds active. According to a Yale study, people who read 3 and half hours a week extend their life by 23 months. So what are the ways in which reading promotes better ageing?

1) Increases focus and attention

All things considered, reading makes one smarter. It increases the accuracy and precision of a person’s thinking, preventing them from being distracted by happenings around them, reducing bad habits, and increasing concentration.

2) Broadens your knowledge

Reading is one of the best ways to learn about the world. By reading a book, you will be exposed to ideas and thoughts that you wouldn’t be otherwise exposed to on a daily basis. It’s never too late to learn new things, and getting lost in a book is one of the best ways you can do that! Whether it’s an autobiography or a fantasy book, there’s always an interesting takeaway lurking behind the pages.

3) Decreases stress levels

It has been proven that stress causes health problems, and that people who are more relaxed have better health than those high in anxiety. Reading can decrease your stress levels by allowing you to escape the world around you.

4) Improves memory

Once you leave the working world behind, it can be easy to slip into a passive lifestyle. Reading is a great habit to form because it allows you to focus for a long period of time, which in turn improves your memory and your cognitive abilities.

5) Makes you happier

Reading can give us an escape from our problems and frustrations. It can open your mind up to a whole new world and make you forget about your issues for the time being. It’s also a great way to get social with friends. You can get together and discuss the recent journey the latest book you read took you on. So join book clubs, borrow books from the library, or even buy books to start living a healthier life!

How to build a habit of reading more often

There are various ways to build the habit of reading more often, such as:

  • Always carrying a book with you. This habit will remind you to read.
  • Picking a book that’s in your favorite genre so that you enjoy reading it
  • Finding a comfortable place to read that makes you look forward to spending time there
  • Finding a reading partner so you can share the joy of getting lost in a good book!

There are many ways that reading promotes better ageing. It’s easy to find yourself immersed in a book, and many people take comfort in their favourite novels. Reading is a great way to stay healthy and find comfort, so pick up a book today!