Glenvale Villas Activities

We often get asked what activities we offer at Glenvale Villas.

We are very proud of our activities and enrichment program. Our coordinators are continually planning and organising a wide variety of entertainment, events and outings for our residents to enjoy. From viewing the spectacular gardens in Toowoomba during the annual Carnival of Flowers, to shows and lunches at the City Golf Club, seeing the latest movie at the local cinemas, road trips, shopping outings to Bunnings and all major shopping centres, our very popular country drives and seasonal activities (did someone mention autumn parks!) We particular enjoy theatre activities where a matinee show goes very well with a high tea!

We have performers visit Glenvale Villas to showcase their talents, movies in our own cinema, barbeques, birthday parties and so much more! To stimulate the body and brain we have daily activities, like billiard and pool tournaments, indoor bowls, bingo, scrabble, uno and a host of trivia games.

Our residents are never pressed to attend. However we do know from current research that feeling part of a larger community is vital to any person’s wellbeing. So even if a person just sits quietly to listen to the chatter for a while, it is so much better for the brain than being on your own all the time. For that reason we offer plenty of variety in the hope that something appeals to everyone.

Feel free to stop past reception to enquire about upcoming activities.