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While family may have been the centre of your life for many years, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a social network of friends in retirement. Social activities can help keep us happy, healthy and feeling much younger! If you find you have lost touch with friends over the years, it’s never too late to get back in touch, or make new ones. And one of the best ways to make new friends is to start thinking socially when it comes to everyday activities.

So Where To Get Social?

Active pursuits such as lawn bowls and tennis are ideal for seniors. Not only are they are great group social outings, they can also keep you fit and healthy. The importance of regular exercise should not be underestimated, and it’s vital as you age. Exercise may help keep our bones and muscles healthy, improve cardiovascular activity, and maintain general fitness.

There are lots of activities that combine social fun with exercise, whether it’s golf, lawn bowls, swimming or tennis.

Looking for some more cerebral pursuits as well? Then look to what you love doing. Why not join a knitting group, start a game with other bridge players, or start reading with a book club.

Supported Living – Socially

For those considering supported living options, such as a retirement village, it’s a good idea to investigate what sort of opportunities you will have socially. (In addition to general facilities, assistance services, and cost of course). Moving into an aged care environment may initially feel like you are giving up your freedom and space, but if you choose the right environment, you might not only find a quality new home, you might be able to start enjoying much more of a social life.