What happens if one of us is still healthy? Couples stay together.

Many couples wonder if they can stay together as they age, particularly when their care needs differ. Traditional aged care facilities often separate such couples, which can be incredibly distressing during a time when the support of a loved one is most needed. At Glenvale Villas, couples stay together. Remarkably, only one partner needs to be eligible for care to live here.

Typically, entering an aged care facility requires a need for care, but not everyone anticipates or desires such a move until absolutely necessary. For many, health remains a background thought until it demands attention and disrupts plans, often altering life significantly whether care becomes necessary early or later in life.

As care needs evolve, one partner often becomes the primary caregiver, a role that can become overwhelming, especially for older individuals. When this burden becomes too heavy, aged care systems usually intervene, but they often operate by segregating residents based on care levels, disregarding the emotional strain of separating long-term partners.

This systemic approach overlooks the profound impact on the partner left behind, who might struggle with both physical and emotional challenges. Consider the traditional roles in previous generations where one partner managed all household responsibilities while the other might never have learned basic skills like cooking or managing finances. When one enters aged care, the other’s life is drastically altered, often requiring family intervention.

Glenvale Villas challenges this outdated system by offering a community where partners can stay together regardless of individual care needs. Our facility promotes independence with fully equipped homes and private spaces. Care is flexible and adjusts to individual requirements over time, ensuring that partners can continue living their lives as they choose, without the stress of managing caregiving duties alone.

We believe that supporting couples in staying together, in familiar surroundings and among loved ones, is not just a service but a fundamental aspect of respecting and honouring their life together. At Glenvale Villas, we ensure that transitions into care are seamless, minimising distress and supporting both partners continuously.