Staying in your own home -v- moving to aged care community

As you age, it will likely come to a time where you have to consider moving into an aged care community.

This can be a daunting stage of your life. Of course, your preference will be to stay at home but sometimes what you want and what you need at the time don’t immediately align!

Things to consider when deciding whether to stay in your own home or move into aged care

The amount of care

This is often a major drawcard to aged care communities, as 24-hour care is available as and when you may need it from nurses and other health professionals. It also means that as your care needs increase, your circumstances don’t have to change, – you can simply increase the amount of help that you get on a day to day basis.

Having an increased amount of help at home is possible but it will come at an expensive cost.

The suitability of your home

Is your home suitable and adaptable to your ageing needs? Getting up and down stairs may become difficult, cleaning large homes may become exhausting and the location of your utilities may not be ideal.

Homes in aged care communities are designed to be adaptable and comfortable as you age. This means little to no stairs,

Maintaining independence

Often the thought of moving into an aged care community evokes fears of a loss of independence. However this can be quite the opposite. By getting the help you need when and where you need it, you can reduce your risk of illness, injury and be well to go about your daily life.

Social life

Aged care communities provide a whole new group of people to meet and socialise with, all who will completely understand how you are feeling and who will be at a similar stage of their life. Often excursions, activities and even holidays are organised through the aged care community – you may even have more of a social life than you did at home!

Aged care is designed to assist you, not take away your independence so when the time comes to consider your options it is important to remember that aged care communities can cater for all levels of help and it is definitely an option to explore if you are finding yourself needing a little extra help at home.