Fall prevention: Simple tips to prevent falls at home

A common fear amongst older Australians is one of falling. As we age, our balance and steadiness reduce, making falls a greater risk. Coupled with increased weakness due to illness, falls can have a devastating effect on health and future independence.

Physical factors such as balance become a challenge as we age. Falling is a major cause of injury in older adults. Even though we all will face a challenge to our balance as we get older, there are things we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones against unnecessary falls. By being aware of the things that can cause older adults to fall, we can prevent injury before it happens.

Tips to prevent falls as we age

1. Alert people to your limitations. Tell your family and friends about your concern about falling and how to assist you if they see you stumble or lose your balance.

2. Improve muscle strength with regular exercise such as walking, yoga, swimming, and cycling, etc. This will improve the strength and stability of joints.

3. Stretch regularly; stretching prepares the muscles for more demanding activities such as walking stairs or carrying heavy supplies from the car to the house.

4. Pre-plan your home. Make sure there are no hazards in the path of movement.

5. Invest in a stairlift or lift chair to help with mobility and ease of getting in and out of bed, chairs, etc.

6. Don’t assume you’re safe just because you are mobile. Plan your route to avoid hazards such as steps, furniture, decorations, etc that could cause missteps or loss of balance. Walking upstairs is safer than walking down them

7. When walking downstairs, hold the railings and not your hand.

8. Avoid walking on carpeted areas as the friction and movement of the carpet increases the risk of falling

Fall prevention at Glenvale Villas

Many accidents due to falling are very preventable with the right maintenance, safety measures, and diligence. Our team is very aware of the risk a fall can pose to an older adult’s health, so we are well trained to help. But in the end, prevention is the best cure, so the entire Glenvale Villas community is designed to increase fall prevention. Our homes have reduced steps and level door sills. Changes of elevation are removed where possible. Safety rails are built into all bathrooms and powerpoints are elevated.

Choosing a supported living facility may be a difficult decision to make, but knowing that you are safe at all times, while maintaining your independence will help to realize that you are making the right choice. As we age, we all need a little assistance.

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