At Glenvale Villa’s, couples stay together

Everyone looks forward to their retirement and even better if you are sharing that with your partner!  You have lived together since the beginning of forever. You have shared so many experiences together and made a million memories…

Why should this stop because you are considering some sort of aged care environment?

As you get older, it may get to a point where you and your partner have to accept that one, or both of you need a little bit of extra assistance here and there.

You may be considering aged care or moving to a retirement village for help with assisted living, (you may also be putting this decision off out of fear of having to be separated from your loved one!)

However here at Glenvale we are firm believers that your shared experiences shouldn’t stop just because you need a little extra help!

At Glenvale Villa’s – couples stay together!

The importance of maintaining social connectedness is paramount when ageing and can significantly improve their quality of life and mental health!

Glenvale is your home and we wouldn’t dream of separating loved ones even if ones care needs change. Double units are available so you and your partner can live together (whilst still having your personal space!)

Glenvale offers various levels of assistance, from minimal through to round the clock care. This means that if one of you requires more support than the other, this is completely possible to accommodate.

Glenvale Villas prides itself on being more than a residential home – we are a community and we strive to make your Glenvale home a happy one!

Does this sound too good to be true?  Why don’t you and your other half take advantage of our ‘try before you buy offer’? You can see and experience for yourself how our community differs from the rest and as well as embarking on the next stage of your life with your husband or wife, at Glenvale you can even bring your pet!