Are you doing okay? We spend years raising our children, worrying about their health, the friends they make, their schooling, love lives and how they raise their children. We finally reach the place where we’re confident in their choices, only to start worrying about our own life decisions. And we’re not alone: thanks to improved medicines resulting in longer life spans, coupled with lower birth rates, the number of Australians over 65 will exceed those age 15 and younger by the year 2030. This group has a lot to consider when it comes to getting older; here are 10 questions to ask yourself as you approach the golden stage of life:

  1. Am I happy in my current home? Do I still enjoy my surroundings, my neighbors and my neighborhood?
  2. Am I safe in my current home? Do I need a new or upgraded home security system because of break ins? What about personal safety; do I need bathroom shower railings, carpet removal or rubber mats on slippery floors?
  3. Can I afford to remain where I live now? Will my pension and savings last long enough to pay the bills as long as I want to remain in this home?
  4. Can I still drive (or arrange transport) to where I need to go? When I cannot drive, walk or bike to the doctor or grocery, is there a car service, friend or family member ready to take me anywhere, anytime I need to go out?
  5. If I need help, can I quickly and easily contact friends or family? If they are still working and leading their own lives, can I depend on them to react fast when I have an emergency?
  6. If friends and family move away, will I be happy living here without them? Do I live well on my own, without familiar faces around me? Will I be OK with emails, Skype and texting the people I love and miss?
  7. If the time comes for extended medical care, do I have a plan in place? If I experience a chronic illness or serious accident, do I have long-term medical care plan in place? And do I have the funds and insurance to cover the event?
  8. Can I manage my diet, exercise and medications on my own? Do I get lax and lazy on my own, forget to take my medicines when I should, eat regularly and skip my regular workouts because no one is around to remind me?
  9. Will I be able to travel and engage in my hobbies while living in my current home? Even if my money covers the costs budgeted to care for my house, will there be enough left to do what I love as well as what I need?
  10. If staying in my current home is not an option, do I have a Plan B ready? Have I looked at the choices available in terms of long term care, and do I know what will work best for my needs and lifestyle?

If you answered “no” to any of these questions, there is help available for caretakers and seniors from the Australian government’s My Aged Care website and Queensland’s Community Care Access services. Both programs provide information on personal care, home modifications and maintenance, group activities, nutrition, transport, health services, counseling and respite care.

At Glenvale Villas, the life you choose is the life we support for you. From our meal plans featuring fresh, local ingredients to fully staffed nursing care and our community activities including painting, exercise classes, singalongs, game nights and gardening, our mission is to match our services with all your needs and make your new home here feel like you’ve never lived elsewhere. Contact us for more information, view our online photo gallery and find out why our experience and innovative approach to care makes us Queensland’s best care choice.