Keeping pets healthy

Pets are absolutely the best thing. Whether it is their big eyes, their fluffy paws, their cute tails, or their floppy ears, there is always something about them that makes us fall in love with these four-footed friends. Our pets need us to help them stay healthy. Here are five simple tips to help you keep your pet happy and healthy.

1. Healthy, consistent eating habits

Pets generally function the best when their eating habits are regular. Besides making sure their food is nutritious, it is probably wise to feed pets a specific amount at specific times of day. Water should always be available for the pet to drink.

2. Exercise

Any pet needs to get exercise on a daily basis to help them maintain their strength and energy. Some pets have no problem staying active, while others need a little help. You may want to make a habit of walking your pet, or having a playtime scheduled. It will be enjoyable for both of you!   

3. Fur care

Make sure your pet’s fur gets brushed or combed regularly to avoid mats and tangles. This will also help you keep an eye out for fleas. Also, make sure to schedule regular haircuts (for dogs especially) so you don’t mistake your pet for a floor mop!  

4. Checkups 

Pets need doctor visits just like humans do. Find a veterinarian that you trust, and make sure to schedule regular checkups to keep your pet healthy.

5. Lots of love! 

Pets thrive on loving interaction. Make sure to give your pet plenty of verbal and physical affirmation. It won’t be long before they start giving love back to you!

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