10 reasons why you should move to Toowoomba!

Glenvale Villas is very proud to be part of the Toowoomba community. We absolutely love living in this area of Queensland with its country town charm and charismatic people.

It’s fun to brag if you’re a Toowoomba local, but just in case you are thinking about moving here for aged care, here are the top ten things we love about this city:

1. It’s cooler in Toowoomba
When our Queensland cities are sweltering in the heat, Toowoomba generally experiences less extreme temperatures as it is 700m above sea level. Generally a max of 28 degrees in summer and 17 degrees in winter

2. There is always something to do or see in town
From art exhibitions, to stage productions, and workshops, we are never short of some great entertainment. Check out the great Toowoomba Living website showcasing what’s happening in Toowoomba.

3. It’s close to everything
Just 125km from Brisbane it is close enough for family to visit or for a day trip to Brisbane. There are also many regions around that are worth the visit, such as the Scenic Rim that is known for its ancient rainforests, farm stays and charming towns and villages.

4. Parks galore
There are over 150 beautiful and varied parks in Toowoomba. We love to discover these different parks and take a stroll in some fresh air, or sit down for a friendly picnic!

5. It’s clean and green
Toowoomba, known as Queensland’s Garden City, is a city that prides itself on its environment. So you will be hard pressed finding parks, paths and roadways that are not pristine.

6. We experience seasons
For those who do not live in Queensland, you’ll be thinking WHAT are you talking about? So we’ll let you in on a secret – Queensland pretends to have four seasons! Matter of fact, it has two – Summer and then Winter. There is precious little in between. In Toowoomba we relish the spring buds on trees and the autumn leaves lining our streets and parks. It’s the reason our roses grow so well, our flowers bloom heavily in spring and our grass is actually always greener!

7. The Carnival of Flowers
This is both an exciting challenge to gardeners (including those at Glenvale Villas) and an amazing carnival to experience for gardening enthusiasts. Held in September, you can wander around parks and open gardens to take in the splendour of spring colour.

8. We have a plethora of coffee shops and restaurants
For a relatively small city, we are known for serving some exceptionally great food and drinks. Take a look at Toowoomba restaurants on Tripadvisor and take your pick! Some of our favourites include The Finch and The Baker’s Duck for some lovely pastries.

9. There are plenty of spots to paint for the budding artist
From landscape vistas across the range, to Japanese garden scenes, if you love to paint or draw, Toowoomba does not disappoint. In addition Toowoomba has some very good art galleries and art classes.

10. Toowoomba is older lifestyle friendly
The pace is slower than the bigger cities in South East Queensland. The population is less dense. This means friendliness and community spirit abound. People greet each other and have time for a chat. It’s easy to get around. We believe Toowoomba embraces its older population in an integrated, meaningful way. We are very proud to operate as part of this community.

You’ll see that as soon as you step foot in Toowoomba, it’ll be hard for you not to fall in love with this beautiful city!