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Lifestyle is important, especially as you age. Maintaining regular exercise, a healthy diet and even social ties, may all positively impact your health, contribute to your mental alertness and certainly to your happiness. That’s why should you be looking at your aged care options, and why it’s a good idea to look at the whole package.

Assisted living providers, such as supported living communities, in general will provide you with an apartment or ‘space’, meals, access to health care and a range of shared facilities and services. These might include a restaurant or dining room, a ‘library’ of books, a BBQ area and lounges. Retirement villages may bring in hairdressers and physiotherapists to provide services to residents.

The range and type of facilities and services may vary considerably. It’s a good idea therefore to fully investigate any accommodation you are considering. Be sure to ask about the type of meals provided, and if there are healthy options. You might enquire about exercise programs or classes, about outings, and even if you might have access to social groups. Take the time to speak to various staff, and walk around any potential retirement villages and communities to try and get a feel for the place.

Your choice of assisted living accommodation is a major one. It may of course become your home for years to come, so consider any options as you would a new home. This is especially true of location. If you enjoy living on the Gold Coast, with its lifestyle and facilities, then considering aged care accommodation in the same location is a good idea.