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December is always a busy month at Glenvale Villas.

In keeping with our philosophy of “no such thing as ordinary,” December saw many great events and activities at Glenvale Villas Supported Living.

For a start, it’s a busy month anyway with Christmas and New Years, but true to form, our activity co-ordinators don’t rest there.

We had a monthly breakfast outing, at Cafe Inferno with delicious treats and great coffee.

And then for the flip side we had a great trip to a good old rural pub, the Royal Hotel in Leyburn. Broncos and sporting legend, Shane Webke, actually owns this historic watering hole, which has a great claim to fame as the oldest continually licensed premises in Queensland. Built over 140 years ago, the hotel has a great story (like most good hotels do). In fact the original licensee and builder of the hotel, James Murray, managed to stick around for only the first six months of the hotel’s life, when he died from effects of drinking to excess! Fancy that.

Of course, we did our best to ensure that our Glenvale residents didn’t try that themselves!

The Darling Downs has some very old places, and Leyburn was a gold mining town back in the 1860s, and one of the first settlements here. It survived the gold rush as the community became a popular rural farming area.

Shane wasn’t there the day our Glenvale Villas bus rocked up, but he did grow up on a small sheep property just outside of town. That’s a big step up from there to the Broncos, and the community is justly proud of him. Maybe that sheep farm has something to do with his nickname ‘warhorse’.

The Empire Theatre here in Toowoomba was also the scene for a great event which Glenvale Villas residents attended this month; the Four Tenors. What simply amazing voices, and the historic majesty of the Empire Theatre was a fitting location to hear those soaring harmonies. Made us wish we could all sing like that!

Everyone loves Christmas Lights, no matter if you are 9 or 90, so we piled the Glenvale bus full of excited residents and took off for a tour of Toowoomba Lights. As usual, Towoombans outdid themselves with some fantastic arrangements, all culminating in a great walk around Queens Park to admire the lights up close. Ah, makes you feel like a kid again!

Christmas was a joyous occasion, complete with choir, amazing food and decked out restaurant. I’m sure there were plenty of post Christmas lunch naps to be had!

Finally the month, and year, ended with a bang on New Years, giving us all a reason to enjoy a glass of champagne and look forward to the year ahead.