Pets are people too

We nearly had a sheep once.

Pets are important companions. Many of us have had pets, helping define certain stages of our lives. The goofy idiot dog or the aloof cat became a member of the family, creating a strong bond that made us better people.

Glenvale prides itself on being a pet friendly community. We are a big family, and we know that family can mean more than people. So your pet is as welcome as you are. Many of our residents have a little fluffball that has become the life of any social get together, with as many friends as our humans do. We’re sure the pets themselves have their own community within Glenvale, although we have no idea what they plot.

Above all, our philosophy is to encourage a happy, fulfilled and rich life at Glenvale Villas. The unconditional love of a pet makes a big difference to our residents, creating deep connections beyond companionship that benefit both. Looking after that fluffball daily provides a sense of security, promotes physical activity and creates opportunities for social interaction.

Be it bird, cat, dog, fish or lizard, Glenvale Villas is an open house.

Of course, we do have some restrictions around pets, based on obvious things like size limits. Our residents come from all over, including rural areas, so we have had requests for horses. Hyperactive outdoor dogs like border collies are also not a good idea. Suitability is another thing we look at, so carpet pythons and rats might raise some eyebrows.

Luckily most people prefer pets with wagging tails or contented purrs. If you have any doubts, we are happy to answer any questions.

And yes, we were asked in all seriousness if someone could bring their sheep. We did trial it (obviously the sheep lived outside) but the lawn and the gardener couldn’t cope. True story.

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