Your Own Supported Home in South East QLD.

Homes from only $215,000 just minutes from the centre of bustling Toowoomba.

Unlike other traditional aged care with bonds to pay, at Glenvale Villas you actually own your own home. Your name is registered on the title deed and when you sell, you share in the capital gain and any profit.

And it’s a real home. With kitchen, laundry, separate bedroom, and a living room just like any other real home. You have a real front door, with a real key – try to find that in a nursing home.

Yet this home is in the middle of a great community, with all the care you need, 24 hours a day.

"Having always been an active gardener, I find the gardens are beautiful and always well tended.

Glenvale Villas is a peaceful, relaxing place to live."

Gillian Fraser

Forget invasive ACAT assessments and hospital corridors.

Glenvale Villas is made up of self-contained homes set amongst beautiful leafy gardens, and your decision to live here is exactly that. Your decision.

The traditional aged care system is based on assessments that take away much of your ability to choose, and also asks many questions about your finances that many people find invasive.

Normally an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assess you for the level of care they deem suitable at the time and then try sourcing a vacancy in existing care facilities.

Because existing care facilities suitable for you may be located away from family, this often causes stress and loss of independence. Couples can be forced to part due to differing health needs and availability of space.

To determine the cost, the assessment also looks at your finances to calculate the bond you will pay. The more money you have, the more bond you will pay.

That hardly seems fair and the level of care and cost to the family can also be surprising.

Glenvale Villas was built around a different idea, so our community has:

  • No ACAT assessment required
  • No invasive Centrelink asset and means testing
  • Your existing Government packages retained
  • Retention of full Veteran’s Affairs entitlements
  • The ability to move in today!

We can help you move in today. Just talk to us now.

Glenvale is pension friendly.

At Glenvale Villas you only pay for what you need.

Affordable living.

It was very important to us to create a community where seniors can live affordably on the pension, thereby making this new and exciting alternative to traditional aged care accessible to as many people as possible.

Once you move into Glenvale Villas, your care and support services are all based on a ‘user-pays’ system. You only pay for the levels of care and support you need, which can go up or down flexibly if your health needs change.

If you don’t use it, don’t pay for it. That makes sense, and keeps our community affordable to all.

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