More than twice as large as a conventional nursing home room.

When you look around a real home there are lots of things we take for granted, because we are used to them. Things like a full kitchen to cook in, a separate bedroom, a dining and living area, and a laundry

Why should these things disappear when we need some care?

Our one-bedroom homes are more than twice the size of a nursing home room, because all the things that are in a normal home, are here too.

With the added benefit of 24 hours, 7 days, care and support.

Need more space? We can supersize that!

For those who need a little more space, we also have a limited number of double units that are popular for couples. These are two connected units that can be used as one home. With two bedrooms, two bathrooms and two living areas, they are over four times the size of a standard nursing home room! More than enough space to bring those treasured items and furniture.

You even have a real front door with a real key, just like every home you have ever owned. Try to find that in a nursing home.

"I tell my friends it’s a wonderful place to live, and I’m so happy here. It’s the best I have seen."

Graham W

Make yourself comfortable, it’s your home.

Yes, its your home. So you can furnish it just the way you want. Love your old single seater armchair? Fine, bring it with you. We even have room for your beloved small pet, if you have one.

Because it’s your home, you can even make changes and decorate it the way you like.

And with a full kitchen there’s no holding back on cooking your favourite meals. Entertain your new friends, your old friends, or your family at home. But if you don’t feel like cooking some days, just pop down to our community centre restaurant or we’ll deliver meals to your home while you put your feet up.

It’s the best of both worlds!

Your Glenvale Villas home also has its own laundry if you prefer to look after yourself, but there’s always the support of the Glenvale team right behind you, ready to do the cleaning, washing and ironing if you wish.

Pity you didn’t have these wonderful little helpers your whole life!

Laundry Dryer Feature

A real home, with added care and support.

As a Supported Living community, a Glenvale Villas homes differs greatly from a traditional nursing home.

For a start, the homes are designed to be self-contained, with all the things you need to be completely self sufficient.

Traditional nursing homes often comprise a bed and bathroom, with no real privacy and no cooking or laundry facilities.

We didn’t want that here, because we understand that our residents didn’t want that. So we designed homes that would allow our residents to age gracefully in place (that means they don’t need to move when their care needs increase).

Supported Living defines the lifestyle at Glenvale Villas very well. Here you are independent first, and we ‘support’ your living with things you may not be able to do yourself. The homes have been designed around that same concept. Independence first, support if you need it. So you can live the life you always have.

That’s why they look like real homes, but with clever features built in to make life easier. There’s oversize lightswitches and powerpoints that are raised to a comfortable height, larger bathrooms with easy access and support rails, a four point nurse call system and no changes of floor height to stumble over.

It’s just common sense really. None of this invades your ‘just like home’ feel, but it all helps.

Bathroom Feature

Small pets welcome

Furry, feathered, finned or even mineral - your best friends are welcome at Glenvale.

Find out more

Small Pet Rock

Compare these features to a traditional nursing home.

Your new Glenvale Villas home will include:

  • One or two bedroom homes
  • Spacious private terrace
  • Separate lounge, dining, bedroom
  • Full kitchen and laundry
  • Spacious and practical design
  • Four point nurse call system
  • Easy mobility design
  • Wheelchair friendly design
  • Support and safety rails
  • Reverse cycle inverter air-conditioning
  • Ceiling fan
  • Blinds on all windows
  • Heat lamps in bathroom
  • Sky lights
  • Security screens
  • In-home message service

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