A Few Reasons to Consider Supported Living.

Before Supported Living, Australians had the option of retirement villages or nursing homes.

For healthy lifestyles, retirement villages offered a great community, but as we age our requirements change, especially with care and support.

The traditional nursing home system has small rooms and a care model designed around patients and hospitals – something that we associate with previous generations.

But now a new alternative is available – Supported Living, which combines the best of both previous options. The independence and lifestyle of a retirement village, backed by the care and support of a nursing home. In fact, the cornerstone of Supported Living is independence, with a focus on as much freedom as possible. Our homes are self contained, so you can have exactly the same freedoms as you had in your own home your whole life. Cook for yourself, do your own laundry, have guests and families come over, and even stay over.

But underneath it all is a flexible system of user-pays care and support, that changes with you.

What does that mean?

It means that you only pay for what you use, as opposed to other aged care systems that set a care level and price, whether you need it or not. When your care needs go up or down, so does your care and support. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

Glenvale Villas has a lifestyle that works in tune with seniors living longer and wanting more out of life.

Make it your home.

It’s your home so decorate it the way you want. Even if you like flying ducks.

More features

Compare our difference.

The chart below lists the things seniors have said they wanted from an aged care community, so we made them our priority. That’s why our residents said NO to a nursing home, and happily live at Glenvale Villas.

  Glenvale Villas Nursing Home Your Home Home Care
Round the clock care
24 hours / 7 days a week care and support
Continual care
Continual care, ranging from low to high care and general nursing
No set charges
No set daily service charges, just pay for what you use
Registered nurse
Registered Nurse and Director of Care on staff
Self contained
Independent self contained living with separate bedroom, lounge, laundry & kitchen
Living area average size 35m² 17m² N/A N/A
Dignity and privacy
You retain your dignity, privacy and independence
Stay together
If one's health needs change, couples can stay together
No Centrelink
No intrusive Centrelink means and asset testing
No ACAT assessment required, move in today
All our care and associated support services are totally optional and flexible
Nutritious food
Eat nutritious home cooked style meals in your home or at our restaurant
Like home
A familiar "like home" environment
Small pets welcome
Your friends and family can stay over
Services are "cost recovery only"
Retained package
Your existing government packages are retained
Veterans Affairs
Your full Veterans Affairs entitlements are retained
'Ageing in Place'
Government ‘ageing in place’ initiative is supported
Government Regulations
Follows Government regulations under Retirement Villages Act
Title deed
Your name is formally registered within the title deed
You may never have the need to move again
Capital growth
You take a share in any capital growth and profits
See how your options compare 23/23 7/23 14/23 14/23

Partners can stay together

Finally, couples don’t need to be separated when one needs care.

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