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What's special about Glenvale Villas

Lynette Giddings

care and support

When osteomyelitis in the spine caused me to lose the use of my legs in early 2007, I had six months of hospital treatment & rehabilitation.

My family settled my affairs, selling furniture and homes in Toowoomba.  They all agreed that “Mum couldn’t go to a nursing home.  I was 72 years old at that time, had always been a “do it yourself” person, very independent.  My husband had poor health from age 44 years old and had been partially blind towards the end.  He passed away in 2005, to my sorrow.  I agreed with my four children, I felt I could not live in a nursing home.

Their enquiries caused them to settle on Glenvale Villas, as it would give me independence with a unit to myself, space for plants at the back and pot plants at the front.  They knew that would make it “home” for me.

As well there was 24/7 medical care if needed, also chef prepared meals, morning and afternoon teas, bus outings and activities.

I’m so very pleased they found Glenvale Villas, I’ve found other residents friendly when we meet, and I cannot speak highly enough about the care, cheerful and efficient staff.

I am very fortunate and grateful.