FAQs About Supported Living at Glenvale Villas

Can I live affordably on the pension at Glenvale Villas?

YES. Glenvale Villas was designed for people to live affordably on a package which includes a weekly general service fee, some care and support, and meals – all on the pension. If you do need some more care and support, your package can change as your needs change, but you will only pay for what you need on a user-pays system.

Can I alter my home?

YES. It’s your home, so naturally you can make alterations and decorate it to suit your lifestyle. We simply request that you fill in an Additions and Alterations application form, available from the Manager.

I have a small pet. Can I bring it along?

YES. Small pets are welcome at Glenvale Villas. We know how much joy they bring. Your dog, cat, fish or bird can live here too, subject to council by-laws. Please contact the Manager, who is responsible for decisions about admitting pets to specific homes.

Can my medical requirements still be managed by my family?

YES, medical management can still be undertaken by your family if it is important to you. We ask that you keep us informed if there are any changes in your medication requirements or conditions.

Can I get transport to the doctor or specialist?

Yes. If appointments match the community bus schedule, you can be transported to your appointments. Otherwise, we can provide transport for a small fee.

Will I need to move to a nursing home if I need higher care?

This is one of the major differences between Glenvale Villas Supported Living and conventional Aged Care facilities. Our care is continuous, from low care up to high care general nursing, and your care can be increased on a user-pays system whenever you need it. Most residents do not have to move to a residential high care care facility. We create an individual Care and Support Plan that is tailored to your needs and affordability with our Director of Care.

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