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Fathers Day

Remember your dad on Father’s Day

It can be easy to dismiss highly commercialized holidays like Father’s Day, but it might be very worth it to set aside that natural cynicism and treat it as an positive opportunity. Yes, of course, you should appreciate your father every day – not just once a year – but do you? Busy lives, demanding… Read More

Empire Theatre-1

Glenvale Villas Activities

We often get asked what activities we offer at Glenvale Villas. We are very proud of our activities and enrichment program. Our coordinators are continually planning and organising a wide variety of entertainment, events and outings for our residents to enjoy. From viewing the spectacular gardens in Toowoomba during the annual Carnival of Flowers, to… Read More

Ideas For Keeping Grandchildren Entertained

If you are a grandparent, then you know the feeling of seeing your little grandchildren come through your front door. Whether they are dropping by for a day visit or an overnight stay, it’s always a happy and welcomed time. Like most parents, you probably struggle to keep them entertained throughout their visit. Here are… Read More

Tips to Live Independently During Your Retirement

Most people can’t wait until their retirement. They dream of days filled with sleeping in and doing everything that they have always wanted to be able to do. A life of luxury after working hard for so many years seems like a dream. Unfortunately, for many people, they struggle during their retirement. Their health starts… Read More


Yummy ideas for left over Easter Chocolate

Those yummy chocolate Easter eggs and bunnies are a lot of fun, but what do we do with them after Easter? Don’t fret we are here to help. The good news is that properly packed in freezer bags, or sealed freezer containers, chocolate will last up to one year. There is a lot you can… Read More


Am I Doing Okay?

Are you doing okay? We spend years raising our children, worrying about their health, the friends they make, their schooling, love lives and how they raise their children. We finally reach the place where we’re confident in their choices, only to start worrying about our own life decisions. And we’re not alone: thanks to improved… Read More

Easter Crafts

21 Easter Crafts To Keep You Busy!

Time is flying, and Easter will be here before we know it. Which means it is time to start thinking about Easter decorations! Sure, you could buy decorations. But handmade pieces are so much more fun, and in the end, they are much more meaningful. Here are a few of our favorites! 1. Easter Mason… Read More


Healthy Eating As We Age

As we age it becomes even more important to have a diet that provides the right nutrition so that we can maintain our health and independence. Often a big concern is getting all the healthful foods we need while living on a fixed income. Understanding your nutritional requirements and how those requirements change with age… Read More


FitBits: A Good Fit for Older Australians?

FitBits are all the rage in many athletic circles. They allow people who are hoping to lose weight to track their activity levels, keep track of calories, and even track sleep. These devices, however, aren’t just for would-be athletes. They can also help senior individuals track key pieces of information in order to improve overall… Read More


Three tips to enjoy retirement

While many people dream of a life where they don’t have to punch the clock every day, retirement can also bring other emotions. Many people struggle with their new free time. It can be stressful because money is often tight. It can also be a lonely time, as your family is busy living their lives…. Read More


Simply add music

Artists try all sorts of tricks to boost their creativity. One sure-fire way to get those juices flowing is to listen to music while you work. According to a study cited in a piece in Medical Daily, listening to “happy music” has a measurable effect on creativity. The study delved into a phenomenon known as the… Read More

Pet friendly supported living

Keeping pets healthy

Pets are absolutely the best thing. Whether it is their big eyes, their fluffy paws, their cute tails, or their floppy ears, there is always something about them that makes us fall in love with these four-footed friends. Our pets need us to help them stay healthy. Here are five simple tips to help you… Read More

independent living

Maintaining independence with supported living

As we age, our bodies aren’t quite as reliable as they used to be. As your joints start to ache and your flexibility decreases, it’s understandable that you will eventually need some form of assisted living. We all wind up needing help getting around, assurance that you won’t have to rely on yourself to finish… Read More

10 of the best holiday gifts for seniors

Happy Holidays everyone! We hope that you are enjoying this wonderful time of the year with friends and family. If you are looking for that perfect gift for a grandparent or another senior in your life: we have some suggestions that might help you fill everyone’s stockings with gifts they will love. Keep Hydrated with… Read More

Dementia Care

Early moves are key to dementia care

If you are caring for a loved one who has been diagnosed with dementia, you are facing many tough choices. For instance, you probably want to avoid moving them into a traditional nursing home as long as possible. For a person who is still functioning at a high level, the thought of sending them to live… Read More

Supported Living

Supported Living could be your best option

People are living much longer these days, than in times past. This is wonderful news! Think of all the exciting things we can continue to see and do. Our bucket lists can be longer. We can continue to learn, and have new experiences. We can enjoy our families; children, grandchildren, and even great-grandchildren. Although we… Read More


Power down to avoid soaring electricity prices

It’s a constant struggle for pensioners to budget their living expenses. This is especially true when the costs of living escalate beyond planned budgets. Today’s senior Australians were certainly no strangers to the need for being thrifty and penny-wise. Yet even so, ever escalating prices, particularly electricity prices, means a limited budget has to stretch… Read More

dining room Glenvale Villas

Is Supported Living for you?

The freedom to choose where you live in your senior years is a wonderful benefit of our Australian society. Not all countries offer this kind of support and we should be ever cognizant of the privilege of choice. In India and Africa, for instance, elders are expected to live out their years in the family… Read More

spring flowers

Great things about Spring in Toowoomba

We have survived winter! Do you smell the faint smell of Jasmine on the wind? It’s been a mild one, for which we are always grateful. We do love to crank up the log fires and sit warm and comfortable with our favourite drop of red in the evenings. However, being able to do some… Read More

over 65

Over 65? You still matter!

There is no shortage of absolutely inspirational people in our world. With our western focus on venerating Youth in all its glory, we sometimes forget to acknowledge what older Australians offer our community. That’s why we love this article about a 102 year old Australian dancer preparing her own ballet – to perform with a… Read More

teatime treats

Tea time treats!

When did you last sit down with a dear friend and enjoy tea from a pot, with a tea strainer, a doily covered jug of milk and a good old slice of tea cake? There are topics which can be discussed only when tea is at hand, don’t you think? Heart warming stories, emotional concerns,… Read More


Is supported living a good fit for dementia?

“ Today there are an estimated 413,000 Australians living with dementia, 55% of whom are female. The prevalence is projected to leap to 536,000 by 2025 and to an incredible 1.1 million by 2056”  Economic Cost of Dementia In Australia If you or a loved one are suffering from dementia, it is vital to remember… Read More

stay together

Stay together in aged care

We often get asked if couples can stay together even though their health needs are very different. The short answer is “yes”. Glenvale Villas was designed for exactly that. However not all aged care communities allow for this choice. In a recent article in the Aged Care Guide, researchers claim that for some couples, separation… Read More

Five things to ditch from your diet

We seldom think about how our nutritional needs change as we go through life. Yet it’s fairly logical to assume that a 70 year old person does not need to consume a diet with the same type of foods that a 7 year old does. Their respective bodies are doing very different things afterall. One… Read More

Relic snowballs

Stuff. It’s all around us, relic after relic, collected over years, houses and family members. When it’s time to downsize, the inevitable question always comes up. What do we do with all that stuff that meant something, to someone, at some point. I’m not even talking about furniture here. It’s all the little things that… Read More

Tailored aged care – pay only for what you need, and use

Have you ever purchased a “one size fits all” piece of clothing? You know the ones we mean, don’t you? Overly large, not fitted to your figure and generally not very flattering either! Easy to purchase… sure. But tailored for you? Certainly not. In health care or aged care, a “one size fits all” policy… Read More


Healthy pets for seniors

Recently, Animal Medicine Australia released a very interesting report about pets. They report that expenditure on pet products and services tops $12 billion dollars annually in Australia. That’s nearly a 30% increase in three years. It’s a whopping sum for a country trying to reduce its debts! It begs the question, ‘why’? The state of… Read More

The World’s Greatest Shave

Well, we did it! We gathered together sponsors and participants to do The World’s Greatest Shave. And do you know? … Can you believe it?… With a lot less hair we have managed to raise a whopping $8010 for the Leukaemia Foundation. Our amazing contribution won first prize for the most money and as a… Read More

Flying Child-1

Supporting your parents – the questions you need to ask

It’s a strange feeling, to be looking for a home for your parent. They were always the leaders of the family. They looked after you. They made the decisions. They even qualified YOUR decisions. You knew as a child, then as a young adult, and even as a not-so-young adult, trying to anticipate their exacting… Read More


Musically minded

Music. It’s a wonderful thing. So entirely human in its making. So clever in its orchestration. And very powerful. Transcending age, gender and culture – music can raise the spirit and provide energy where there was none before. It can create tension, laughter, fear, joy, and passion. It has the capacity to harness nearly every… Read More

10 best things about life in Toowoomba

Glenvale Villas is very proud to be part of the Toowoomba community. We love living in this area of Queensland. It’s fun to brag if you’re a Toowoomba local, but just in case you are thinking about moving here for aged care, or just don’t get the time to look around Toowoomba as much as… Read More

Senior Gardening

Senior Gardening

As you grow less robust in your physical self, it’s a good idea to adopt a few new ideas to make gardening safe and pleasurable for you. It can be done! “I like gardening – it’s a place where I find myself when I need to lose myself.” Alice Sebold How true! It’s a hobby… Read More


Gift ideas for over 70s

Does a looming birthday, or Christmas, or Mother’s day have you in a tussle trying to find the perfect way to say “I care” for a person in aged care? We are certain these celebrations are invented to torture our minds with worry whilst we scour shops and magazines in the hope of discovering yet… Read More


What to think about when you move

When the time comes to move into an aged care home, you might wonder how much you’re going to be able to bring with you. The answer depends greatly on where you are moving. Choose a typical nursing home room and you may only have room for your clothes, and maybe some wall pictures and knick… Read More

Giving back a second chance at life

The signs are subtle at first. You notice that your mother isn’t as spry as she used to be. She moves just a little slower. Before long you start to notice that the easy things become slightly harder for her every day.  But she is still the powerful all-conquering giant she once was that strode through your life… Read More

50 Life Lessons From a 90 Year Old

50 Lessons from God Never Blinks by Regina Brett, 90 years old. Life isn’t fair, but it’s still good. When in doubt, just take the next small step. Life is too short to waste time hating anyone. Don’t take yourself so seriously. No one else does. Pay off your credit cards every month. You don’t… Read More

Bernie Sanders

Age is no barrier – take some cues from great achievers

Do you think you are old? Or your parents? That all depends on your definition of old. Bernie Sanders is 75, and running for US president at an age most would have swapped work shoes for slippers. Once! Only a few generations ago 60 would have been considered old, where people retired, put their feet up… Read More

Dog on a leash going for a walk

7 Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet for Older Persons

If you’ve read our previous post, 4 Dramatic Ways Pets Benefit an Older Person and are thinking about getting a pet for your senior mum or dad, here are a few things to consider first: 1. Check if your Community Allows Pets Small pets are welcome at Glenvale in most of the homes (please have… Read More


4 common mistakes to avoid when searching for an aged care community

When you’re getting ready to move, or help your parents move, into an aged care or supported living community, doing some research is extremely important when it comes to choosing the right place. Because this is a new and unfamiliar territory, it’s possible you’ll make some mistakes during your search. Here, we’ll outline a few of the most common mistakes to… Read More

Senior woman with dog outdoors

4 Dramatic Ways Pets Benefit an Older Person

Instinctively, we all know that pets are good for us. Good for our spirit and good for our mind. They satisfy some of our deepest needs and in doing so, become so much more than merely domesticated animals to us – they become cherished members of the family! Family members who sometimes sniff your crotch… Read More


Who says you can’t do art in Supported Living?

Whether you are someone who loves painting, drawing or otherwise making art, or if you simply a fan of the artwork of others, you could be wondering how your passion will be affected when you move into a supported living community. Luckily, you can still enjoy your love of art while living at Glenvale Villas. Decorate Your… Read More


Are you a Proactive Elder? Here are the second 5 of 10 tips.

What defines a proactive elder? Do you plan ahead and understand the consequences of inaction? Last week we looked at the first 5 tips here (in case you haven’t read them). 6. Doing something. Remember the old line “use it or lose it”? Well, the more research done, the more this colloquialism rings true. From keeping muscles… Read More


Are you a Proactive Elder? Here are the first 5 of 10 tips.

No, this has nothing to do with health supplements. It’s about planning your older years and understanding how to manage any limitations so that you can have a better quality of life. At Glenvale Villas, we have many years of experience in helping people transition from family homes to aged care. The big gap between a… Read More

Oral health and supported living

Sometimes it’s the little things we don’t think about that become the hardest as our parents get older. Consider teeth brushing. It doesn’t sound terribly hard, but age-related illnesses can make it very painful or almost impossible. With good dentistry and hygiene many of our older Australians avoid the dreaded dentures, meaning continual teeth care…. Read More


Gardeners: Enjoy your favorite hobby in Supported Living

If you have always loved gardening, you might not be looking forward to giving up your home and yard to move into aged care. The thought of those tiny hospital-style rooms and fake flowers in a vase would make any green thumb turn red with anger. However, at Glenvale Villas supported living community you can still enjoy your… Read More

6 things people feel about putting their parents into aged care

What do most grown children think and feel when considering “putting” their parents into aged care, or when their parents choose to move themselves? I warn you, it’s not pretty. It is confrontational. Your fight-or-flight response may very well be triggered here, but bear with me; it is a worthwhile read! Here are the 6 most… Read More

Asking all the questions about aged care costs

There are so many systems of care available now, that it can get very confusing when you start to look around at aged care in Toowoomba. One of the biggest issues you will need to address is cost. What you can afford, or are willing to pay, will have a critical bearing on the accommodation,… Read More

Investing in the future

For most of our lives we have been taught to invest wisely and reap the benefits later. This is especially true of the family home, the biggest investment many of us will make in our lives. Buying and selling homes brings with it the expectation of a return on that investment in some type of profit…. Read More

Is it time our loved ones need aged care? Where do we turn?

Has the time arrived when your loved ones no longer do certain things for themselves? Is it time they need some care and support to manage? Where do you turn? The paths, and choices, seems bewildering at first. And nothing looks positive. Well, here is a very quick guide to what’s out there. Retirement living The good:… Read More

Couple At Aged Care

How Are Aged Care Homes Different From Nursing Homes?

It’s no secret that nursing homes have a negative stigma attached to them. They are often seen as places where older people are shipped off to, with all of their freedoms taken away. Glenvale Villas is different. We are not a nursing home. Here at Glenvale Villas, we pride ourselves on having a safe, vibrant community of homes that… Read More

Spending Time With Your Loved One In Supported Living

Just because your parents are moving into an aged care community, does not mean that spending quality time with them will be limited. Glenvale Villas is a very different kind of community, where connection with family is encouraged, and not just reduced to ‘visiting hours’. Firstly, your parents are never ‘shut in.’ They have all the… Read More


Six Things That Cause Older Adults To Fall

Physical factors such as balance become a challenge as we age. Falling is a major cause of injury in older adults. Even though we all will face a challenge to our balance as we get older, there are things we can do to protect ourselves and our loved ones against unnecessary falls. By being aware… Read More


Christmas is a time to reflect on more freedom and less fear

As Christmas comes around again (that was quick!) we are reminded by the inescapable march of time. Maybe if you haven’t seen your parents for a while, it’s time to get back together for the annual Christmas pig-out, sorry, lunch. Ham, turkey, Christmas pudding with lashes of hot brandy sauce, and a comatose afternoon before… Read More

Yoga In Supported Living

Yoga For Those In Supported Living

Yoga, yes yoga! Just because our bodies are ageing it doesn’t mean we should slow down (well, maybe just a little bit). Yoga often brings to mind the image of a young, flexible yogi sitting effortlessly in a cross-legged pose while meditating. Or the old guru with the long white beard who defies age with… Read More

Foot-on stairs

Fall prevention

Falls are a serious concern for seniors. The CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention) in the USA recently reported that one in three people age 65 and older fall each year. Emergency departments treat 2.5 million older people each year due to fall injuries and one in five of these people has a serious… Read More

Life At Supported Living

Supported living – it’s not a nursing home!

Although many family members will be extremely hesitant about putting a loved one into a supported living home, there are lots of benefits – and almost none of the old stigmas that were attached to creepy old nursing homes. Before writing off all aged care homes as bad, learn a little bit more about supported… Read More

Concern Regarding Aged Center

Nursing Home Options in Toowoomba and How to Get Your Parents On Board

There is nothing to look forward to about nursing homes… or so we think, based on years of bad stories, personal visits to our own grandparents, and lots of depressing news articles. But the truth today is very different. “Australia currently has about 2,800 residential aged care facilities providing care to more than 160,000 elderly… Read More

Exercise With Bocce

Exercise is a Major Benefit in Aged Care Homes

It goes without saying that we should keep up exercise, no matter what age we are. But it’s easier said than done, and older Australians can have specific requirements that mean jumping on a treadmill or doing the stairclimber is not a wise idea. Glenvale Villas philosophy has always been prevention is better than cure,… Read More

Aged Care in Toowoomba Provides Mum and Dad More Options

If you read a recent article published by Sourceable, you may feel discouraged about mum or dad’s future living situation. The article, which talked about how one-quarter of Australia’s population will be 65 or older by 2050, made it sound like older people have few housing options. Sourceable broke the options down to two basic… Read More

Old Mother Conversation

How to have ‘that’ conversation with your parents

Maybe you are noticing that your parents are having trouble taking care of themselves. Your parents could be doing just fine on their own but you realise that they are getting older and you think that it is time to get a smaller home that is more manageable for them. You also think that it… Read More

A few great tips for making a new home seem familiar

If you are looking for aged care in Toowoomba, you have probably thought about how to make the move as easy and painless as possible. Changing homes at any age is stressful, and more so if there are health issues. One of the big concerns we see a lot is the disruption of familiar surroundings…. Read More


Is Falling an Issue at Home?

A common fear amongst older Australians is one of falling. As we age, our balance and steadiness reduces, making falls a greater risk. Coupled with increased weakness due to illness, falls can have a devastating affect on health and future independence. We all tend to need a little more help as we get older, especially… Read More

Socialization At Aged Centers

The Importance of Socialisation in Aged Care Communities

Seniors are choosing aged care homes over nursing homes more and more. Some of the reasons are obvious, such as larger homes and more independence. What some do not realise, is the importance of social interactions. Studies have shown several benefits of socialising among the older adults. Glenvale Villas recognise this and offer unique activities… Read More

Woman Bedroom

Supported Living and dementia

Older Australians with slight dementia can still live full and active lives if their environment is managed properly. Maybe you have noticed that mum or dad is more forgetful, or confused lately. The house they have always lived in has perhaps become too much for them, and there are signs they are not coping. Dirty… Read More

Supported Living Compensates for a Lack of Social Resources

Older Australians suffer from a lack of social resources. This means that the social connections most of us take for granted become more limiting as we age. Things like networks of friends and family, the ability to be independent and move around, even the ability to see well or hear well all affect our interaction… Read More

Is it too late to learn computers?

Enhanced confidence, invigorated minds, and better health – is this not what we all want for our loved ones? Well, it may surprise you that learning computers can help with that. Our mission here is to improve social connections for older adults within a lively community of beautiful, affordable homes. Residents achieve better social connections… Read More

Being in the sandwich generation

A new phenomenon is emerging for many people aged between 40 and 60. Known as the ‘sandwich generation’ it describes the the problems facing middle aged people who are under pressure to support growing children and ageing parents. The obligation to care for both generations creates the sandwich that squeezes individuals already under stress with… Read More

Homes with aged care, instead of an aged care home

Many of us are familiar with the idea of an aged care home, along with the perceptions of endless corridors, hospital wards and shuffling slippers. But aged care in Toowoomba has a new concept – one that gives our seniors homes in the real sense of the word, with aged care built in. Instead of… Read More


Creating a place of your own – a better aged care in Toowoomba

Our aged care in Toowoomba is nothing like our grandparents day, and nothing like what you would expect. These are not rooms at Glenvale Villas, but homes where each resident is welcome to surround themselves with what brings joy in a space that still represents who they are as individuals. The idea of supported living… Read More


How do you picture your future?

Most of us would like to believe that life and health will continue without hiccups or change. That we will grow old gracefully in the comfort and independence of our own homes. But at some point we usually realise that the family home no longer suits our needs, even if we are healthy. Maybe the… Read More

Grandma And Child

Finding the Right Supported Living Community to Fit Your Needs

There is no shortage of supported living communities, but they are all different in their setup, care and cost structures. It is important to find the one that best suits your specific needs. It is also crucial to locate one that is of the highest quality. There are many things to consider when searching for… Read More

Wheel Chair Old Man

It’s vital we are different

The nursing home model isn’t working very well. It has made a negative impression on the public that, quite honestly, has some validity. At Glenvale Villas we’ve created something new in Toowoomba, a design that promotes living fully – well into the older years of life. Sadly, the nursing home model, originally designed to free… Read More

More than just care – another chance at enjoying life

Watching our parents age can be unsettling at times. We would love to remember them in their youth, as we were growing up, or even from the old photos of their younger, carefree days. But unfortunately life has a path, and part of that is planning for a time when your parents are not as… Read More


Meeting the Challenges of Aged Care in Toowoomba

As the aging population grows, so do the challenges of providing the best nursing care without limiting our seniors quality of life.  The medical profession finds that problems unique to the aged are demanding updated knowledge and skills.  Nurses face these issues daily in their roles as the front-line medical care givers. As much as… Read More

Aged Care Homes Offer Peace of Mind for the Whole Family

Growing old together in the same home where they raised their children is most parents’ dream. However, there comes a time when the house gets to be too much to manage and having additional help is necessary. Whether it’s assistance with upkeep of the home, daily cleaning or ensuring health needs are being met, you… Read More

Nursing Home Room

Maintain Independence: Aged Care Toowoomba

What do you envision when you imagine an aged care community in Toowoomba? Do you picture a small room or one that includes a kitchen, lounge and balcony? Do you have parents that you worry will be forced to be split apart if they leave their home to move to an aged care community? Do… Read More

Happy Couple

Aged Care Homes vs. Traditional Nursing Homes

As your parents get older we understand that the best care and independence is important. There is an alternative to the traditional nursing home; Glenvale Villas aged care homes, built on a foundation of the values we all deserve – a community of loving and caring people. There are big differences between aged care homes… Read More


Rethinking Aged Care Homes

You would never refer to your father as “room 3b,” never assign your mother a number. We here at Glenvale villas wouldn’t either, because we’re not a nursing home. Just like you, we’ve seen the devastation that the old nursing home mentality can cause. It leads to the institutionalisation of our loved ones, it reduces… Read More


A Caring Community: 4 Benefits of Supported Living

When thinking about care for older family members or loved ones, many people worry about finding good care and ensuring the well-being of older individuals. Fortunately, many alternatives to traditional nursing homes exist that assist older residents and still encourage their independence. Supported living gives residents the freedom to enjoy community life while still receiving… Read More

A brain with Alzheimers – a short video

For approximately 1 in 10 people over the age of 65, Alzheimers disease is a very real and unfortunate life sentence. All those memories and skills that get built up over a lifetime, from your first kiss to languages learnt, slip away like water running downhill. We know of no way to cure the disease… Read More

Australia’s oldest couple are an inspiration.

It’s rare for a couple to both crack the 100 year mark, and even rarer that both have until recently lived happily and independently in their own home. Celebrating 76 years of marriage, Tom and Jean Cheetham have one piece of advice. Never turn down a blind date. It was, after all, how they met,… Read More

flying-car-in sky

Who stole our future?

There’s a great story that has been doing the rounds since the millennium about ‘who stole the future’. Back in the 1950s and 60s, futurists predicted that by the year 2000 we would have flying cars, robot servants and people living on the moon. These were all material things, but there was also a great… Read More


Why do we still carry another nation’s flag on our own?

Every decade or so, a debate emerges about keeping the Union Jack on the Australian flag, which invariably leads to emotional and divided opinion, and much patriotic chest beating. It seems that time is here again, and as I listened in fascination to this latest incarnation of our longest running soap opera, I was amused… Read More


Australia Day blues

As another Australia Day comes and goes, it is worth remembering that 2015 is a very significant year. This April, Australia will go into a patriotic frenzy with the commemoration of the hundredth anniversary of the Gallipoli landing, fuelled on by politicians looking for brownie points and TV stations and media outlets hyping it to… Read More

Centrelink loses the digital plot

As technology answers more and more of our needs and infiltrates every part of our lives, it is inevitable that aged care will embrace it. Both for carers and residents. The trick will always be how to make technology friendly, non-invasive and useable for our older Australians, without scaring the Metamucil out of them. Well,… Read More


The “Great Escaper” dies

You may remember hearing about an 89 year old D-Day veteran who ‘absconded’ from his English nursing home last year to join the 70th anniversary of the Normandy landings in France. At the time we wrote a news article on the media sensationalism about Bernard Jordan’s jaunt, which made it sound as if he had… Read More

Looking for the signs of coping

If it has been a while since you’ve seen mum or dad, the holidays can be both a joyous and sobering occasion. Maybe they are fit and well, but maybe they are showing signs of ageing you would rather not see. If you are not sure, (parents are great at hiding things and presenting a… Read More

New years resolutions for older Australians

Another year down and the clock keeps ticking faster. That may sound like a cliche, but to anyone over the age of 35, it is an absolute given. Maybe it’s the routine of life that hides the passing of time. Each age has its own new year expectations – youth could well be characterised by… Read More

Deck the halls and share the love

It’s Christmas again and time to pause and reflect on the year that was. Each year about now people alternate between wanting the holidays to be here faster, and wishing time would slow down because that year went past too fast, again. It is also the time family members come back to gather and may… Read More

Who am I, if I cannot contribute?

As we age, nature takes many of the things we thought were permanent. Our youth, our strength, even our memories and reasoning in unfortunate instances. The generation of baby boomers that is now ageing is finding this particularly challenging. They were, after all, the ‘chosen ones’ – the generation that made our country strong, progressive… Read More

The courage and angst of changing roles.

There comes a time in every child’s life with ageing parents, that a change of roles is required. Where once the patriarch or matriarch of the family ruled supreme, a new future must inevitably take form. Often this is a time of great upheaval and stress, but the trick is to transition with dignity for… Read More

1 in 4. Could you have diabetes without knowing it?

Recently released findings by the COAG (Council of Australian Governments) Reform Council indicate that 1 in 4 older Australians have type 2 diabetes. That is a huge number! Even worse is that a full quarter of this number don’t even know they have it! Type 2 diabetes can develop slowly, usually over months or even… Read More

How to stay cool in the summer

Last week we looked at the signs of heat stress in our older Australians. This week we’ll look at the ways to avoid it, with plenty of things you may have never considered. Water, water, water So important we said it three times. Keeping your body well hydrated is the first step to avoiding heat… Read More

Hot and bothered – 11 symptoms that indicate heat stress

Well, it looks as if Queensland has had it’s customary three weeks of Spring and we are straight into Summer. Forget the calendar – here we measure seasons by mercury, and November is already gearing up hot. Whilst many of us look forward to swimming pools and airconditioning, it is also a good time to… Read More

We get Toowoomba

There’s a lot of talk about change in aged care at the present, and a lot of new companies trying hard to convince us of new ways. But in the end, the values that are the most important are still the same ones that have always driven us. If you are looking for aged care… Read More

Home Care or a Community Lifestyle?

With the federal government now putting a lot more into Home Care, questions naturally arise about whether older Australians should stay at home or move into aged care. Home Care has advanced a long way since the early days of having Meals on Wheels drop by once a week and a nurse drop in for… Read More

Celebrating ordinary happiness

What makes each of us happy varies greatly. It’s part of being an individual. Some take intense joy from cultivating the ground and watching it produce flower or food. Others love to read books, or watch children in the park. But for all of us it is often the little things that mean more than… Read More

Who is aged care selling really aimed at

It occurs to us that the arms race in aged care seems to be all about outdoing each other with better facilities. Centres in Sydney are known to boast marble foyers, hotel receptions, chandeliers, fully equipped gyms and even Olympic swimming pools with lane ropes. That has to beg the questions; who are all these… Read More

What older Australians should not eat!

We often read about the foods we all should eat and the stuff we shouldn’t. More vegetables, more green things, more water, etc, etc and less salt, less sugar and less saturated fats. For older people it seems the ‘should’ list gets longer and the fun gets shorter, but in fact older people have a… Read More

Record flowers, and flower viewers

We love our nature up here in Toowoomba, and many of our Glenvale Villas residents have eternally green thumbs and a long history of gardening (or farming). So, it’s no surprise everyone at Glenvale was very excited for nature to put on her annual show and the city’s proud celebration of the Carnival of Flowers…. Read More

Our own mini carnival of flowers to lift hearts and moods.

If you are looking for aged care in Toowoomba, then why just settle for care? At Glenvale Villas, we have created a vibrant community of independent residents, all set amongst our own special gardens. Okay, so it’s not the total show stopper, but we are pretty proud of our own colourful blooms. So many of… Read More

Free meal a day, for a whole year

Aged care in Toowoomba just got a lot tastier. As if Glenvale Villas wasn’t already acknowledged as the best supported living community in Queensland, by industry and residents alike, now we are offering free meals! If you purchase a new home at Glenvale Villas before November 1, 2014 we’ll throw in a main meal for… Read More

Pet therapy will make you a better person

Glenvale Villas has always had a strong philosophy surrounding pets. Many of our residents have favourite furry friends to share their days and love with. If you are considering aged care in Toowoomba, and have a pet, please come along and see the difference a pet-friendly aged care community can offer. Here are ten great… Read More

Staying active keeps the brain active

Once upon a time retirement was seen as finishing work, and putting the feet up. It was no coincidence that our lifespans were marginally longer than our working spans, and it was very common for people to shuffle off this mortal coil soon after retiring. The chicken and egg dilemma naturally asks the question; did… Read More

Bring your hobby with you

Glenvale Villas is proud to be leading the change in Australian aged care, and one of our core philosophies is to build a community that matches our residents, rather than asking them to conform to our system. And one of those initiatives is hobbies. Everyone has different interests – it’s what makes us individual. Unfortunately… Read More

Demand on aged care services more than population growth

An interesting report has just been released from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) called Patterns in Use of Aged Care: 2002-03 to 2010-11. Its findings, to no surprise, show a marked increase in the demand for aged care services. That’s to be expected as Australia’s population ages and the number of seniors… Read More

The importance of daylight

As we get older, we also get less active, meaning less time is spent outside. This has a cumulative affect on our health as we receive less daylight, sun exposure and sensory stimulation. The general consensus of years gone past was to keep older people indoors and rugged up – a solution probably more based… Read More

What makes a good aged care community?

If you are looking for an aged care community for yourself or your parents, the choices and language can get a bit confusing. Bonds. Retentions. Assessments. It seems like everybody wants part of your nest egg, and promises the world. But what really makes a good aged care community? We look at the things you… Read More

Australia’s favourite foodie gets involved with aged care

Maggie Beer, Senior Australian of the year in 2010, and one of Australia’s best known ‘foodies’ is on a mission. The high profile cook and author wants to improve the food provided in Australia’s aged care homes, so will we soon see quince pastes on the menu? Maybe not, but it’s a challenge she is… Read More

The rise of the new customer – the guilty child

Big brands and companies have learnt long ago how to manipulate us as a society. We are conditioned to want more, and feed that itch with materialistic splurges, only to want even more again. Savvy parents know the ‘as a busy mum’ ad approach really means ‘as a guilty mum’ with brands happy to point… Read More

Pets in aged care

There was a time when good aged care meant removing all the things that might make people sick or at risk. It works for the hospital model (which the aged care system was originally modeled on) but people forgot that hospitals were temporary locations, designed to get you back on your feet. Aged care communities… Read More

I’m too independent. I’m not really independent anymore.

The great divide between nursing homes (all care, no independence) and retirement villages (all independence, no care) leads many to think they need to fit into one category or the other. We often hear people say either “I am still too independent for a place like this” or “I need a proper nursing home with… Read More

Managing Transitions – How to get ready for aged care

Aged care is one of the necessities of life that we don’t look forward to. After a lifetime of independence, the idea that our bodies will no longer do all we ask of them, or that (even worse) we need help from others is something that we hate and avoid as long as possible. Part… Read More

Tips for older adults on staying warm this winter

Winter can be a dangerous time for older adults as serious illness become more probable and as a result the death risk rises. Research proves a direct link between cold weather and higher death rates especially amongst the older generations. These risks can be lessoned if you take the right precautions in keeping safe, warm… Read More

A testimonial from a happy resident

Glenvale Villas is full of people who cannot believe what a difference our community has made to their lives. Below is an unexpected testimonial from long time resident Lynette Giddings that makes us very proud, and re-affirms that we are doing the right thing. Glenvale Villas, my home When osteomyelitis in the spine caused me… Read More

Why pay a bond, when you can own?

When planning for any future that includes aged care, the question of finances always comes up. Obviously someone has to pay for care, but how do you know what you need, or when? It is easy to get caught paying for services you don’t fully need, or paying away most of your hard-earned nest egg… Read More

The real reason of ‘lest we forget.’

Another ANZAC day has come and gone, and once again our nation’s ranks of dawn service participants has swelled. It occurs to me that during these moments of reflection that each year we appear to focus more on national pride and less on the supreme sacrifices. In doing so we miss something far greater than… Read More

The difference between a community and a facility

If you are new to aged care and are currently looking for yourself or a family member, prepare to be amazed at the changes. Where once upon a time the idea of aged care included shuffling slippers, patients in dressing gowns all day and a constant echo of rattling coughs, Supported Living has swept it… Read More

Want to know how good Supported Living is? Ask a resident. We do.

When looking for aged care options in and around Toowoomba, many people turn to the internet to first understand what they are getting into. The old days of bleak nursing homes are definitely a thing of the past (in most places) but there’s still a bewildering amount to learn. Then there’s the negative stories that… Read More

Preventing malnutrition in our older Australians

Eating well is vital for everyone at all ages. Proper daily nutrition can help you stay healthy, independent, and look and feel good for all of the many years to come.  Unfortunately, nutrition is one of the first things to be compromised as we age. Older individuals have very distinctive nutritional needs and at Glenvale… Read More

Why stimulating the brain keeps the mind young

Can your job prepare your brain to stay dynamic into old age? Are your daily activities and interactions with others keeping your mind young?  Once upon a time people looked forward to retirement and resting the brain from all that stress of thinking. But now we are starting to understand that retiring your brain might… Read More

The pitfalls of the Home Care waiting list

Many people think of aged care as a purchase you make when necessary. “As long as I don’t need it, I won’t think of it. And when it’s time (usually associated with a crisis unless you are a rare forward thinker), then I’ll ring a few places and get the care I need.”  Unfortunately, nothing… Read More

Aged care for prisoners

Although many people feel like prisoners in an antiquated aged care system, this article is actually about real prisoners in real prisons. With longer sentences now being implemented for many offenders, the question of aged care in prisons is coming to the fore. It is no surprise that populations in prisons across Australia are also… Read More

Will we ever see an aged care community staffed by robots?

It has been estimated that the massive rise in Australia’s aged population over the next 30 years will also necessitate an equally massive increase in the aged care workforce. From 300,000 currently the numbers would swell to 900,000 by 2045. Whilst this may seem a boom for employment, recent studies suggest that is simply not… Read More

Can you age healthy?

What may sound like an odd question, or even incorrect grammar, is actually one of the biggest challenges facing aged care today. Can you age healthy, or put another way, can you stay healthy as you age. Experts call it ‘late life health’ and with the increasing cost and population requiring aged care, this is… Read More

What happens if one of us is still healthy?

A question we are often asked by couples is “can we stay together?” It seems an obvious question, and one that should have a resounding ‘yes’ as the answer, yet many traditional aged care facilities split up couples who have differing care needs. That sounds like about the worst thing that can happen, especially when… Read More

Green Thumb Grandies

For many older Australians, leaving home for an aged care facility is daunting enough without the added realisation that they will most certainly have to give up some much loved hobbies and activities. Not so at Glenvale Villas. Here, residents have the space and the freedom to dabble in many of the things they loved… Read More

Don’t look away

The comedian Wendy Harmer has written a touching story describing her own experiences with her aging father and how both confront mortality. What is interesting is the honest and vulnerable truths she shares, something that celebrities seem only interested in doing when there is potential sympathy to be gained. Instead in Harmer’s case, she desires… Read More

Downsizing your maintenance costs

Quite often we speak to people who wish to downsize from larger properties, especially rural properties up here, but are concerned about what they will lose. Moving to a community likeGlenvale Villas has enormous social and nursing benefits, but let’s also look at the benefits of losing all that maintenance hassle, and saving money. If… Read More

The disadvantages of staying at home

In theory, all older Australians could stay at home. The Government’s homecare initiatives are spruiking this with additional funding and focus on providing more care into the home, but are the motives altruistic or even healthy. We think not. Don’t get me wrong. I am not for institutionalisation at any level, least of all in… Read More

Why do older people sleep less?

General wisdom has it that older people sleep less, but a new study by the Harvard Medical School actually proves it to be real. And why. It turns out that much of it has nothing to do with the myth of not needing it. There is no prescribed time when we need to sleep less,… Read More

Turning a community into a family

When people are looking for aged care in Toowoomba, a common question we hear is about our commitment to lifestyle, as well as care. Glenvale Villas’ focus has always been about a lifestyle supported by care, not a lifestyle of care, and a strong example of this are our two leisure and community centres for… Read More

Why do we keep expecting the next year to be better?

As we all recover after Christmas and swear off turkey, plum pudding with too much brandy sauce and too many wines in hot summer temperatures, we wonder what the new year will bring, and how 2014 will be different (ie. better). That raises the question as to why we do this. Recently I read a… Read More

The longest day of the year

‘Tis the season where our thoughts turn to family and friends, opening presents and over indulging in Christmas Day lunches. But spare a thought for those who may not hear the sound of family joy this Christmas – those uncounted, silent many who live in aged care facilities around the clock. To them Christmas Day… Read More

Safer than your own home

Moving into supported living brings many benefits, and one that is often overlooked is minimising the chance of injury in your own home from everyday items. Our own homes have many hidden dangers as we get older. Small things like the lip on a shower recess to keep the water in may seem harmless enough,… Read More

A time to face truths

We are not going to stay young forever. The clock will not run backwards. So to be honest with ourselves, there comes a time we need to admit help is necessary. If you are reading this about your parents, it will touch some painful buttons. But the alternative is more painful. Growing up, we are… Read More

When does care become invasive?

None of us like the idea of care taking over our lives, but when we are sick or need help, care often becomes the reassurance to which we turn. Imagine our society without hospitals, nurses or even a family doctor to take your sniffles to. We have come to rely on a support network that… Read More

Open Day Saturday 16 November, 10am to 1pm

Glenvale Villas is inviting you to inspect our display homes on Saturday, November 16 between 10am and 1pm. This is your chance to visit and experience the difference at Glenvale Villas Supported Living community for yourself and how much we have changed aged care in Toowoomba for the better. Everything about Glenvale Villas is different…. Read More

2 bed villas mean a lot more home

Tired of seeing small homes in aged care? Glenvale Villas Supported Living has a select few two bedroom villas now available. Our standard homes are already over twice the size of a nursing home room, but our two bed villas are definite supersizers – over four times larger. Enough space to fit even the biggest… Read More

Does aged care increase depression?

An interesting article has appeared in national papers of late, citing the rising of depression in nursing homes throughout Australia. An alarming 52 per cent of permanent aged care residents had symptoms of depression, according to a report by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare. Whilst this is alarming news, I think we need… Read More

It takes a community to support a life.

I read these words the other day in an article that was completely unrelated to aged care and it made me stop and think. Once upon a time our elders were part of our community and our lives. Grandparents lived at home, village elders were respected for their wisdom and the family unit was a… Read More

Try for free. Stay if you love it.

Glenvale Villas is introducing an amazing new initiative to anyone seriously looking into aged care. We have a ‘try before you buy’ free accommodation offer. You’ve always been able to test drive everything from cars to vacuum cleaners. Now you can test drive your new home. Our free stay home is fully furnished so it’s… Read More

‘Healthspan’ matters more than lifespan

Recently I was reading about somebody’s experiences with dementia, when I came across the term “healthspan”. It gave me pause, because it is a very relevant concept. And the more I read, the more I realised it is exactly what Glenvale Villas looks after. What is healthspan? Well, as it suggests, it is your span… Read More

Why choice is the most important thing you have

It’s an unfortunate fact that many older Australians don’t plan well for their future years, leaving some of the bigger care questions unanswered until a health scare. Luckily Glenvale Villas is all about planning for a better future, without all those dreaded thoughts of depressing nursing homes. One visit here was all it took to… Read More

Avoid the winter blues at Glenvale Villas!

Up here in Toowoomba, we enjoy some beautiful weather, but in the midst of winter we really do get some cold spells. You can always rest assured that we keep an extra special eye on all our residents at Glenvale Villas during this time of year. As we get older, we feel the cold more… Read More

The retirement village trap. Don’t look for care there.

Retirement villages deliver a great lifestyle, but can be fatal for those caught in an asset-rich, cash-poor trap and needing care as they age. Today’s opinion piece looks at why retirement villages have lost their gloss. Once upon a time retirement villages were seen as the great never ending holiday for over 55s. The concept… Read More

Ten reasons to choose Glenvale Villas

Ten reasons why we think Glenvale Villas offers the best aged care in the region. If you are seriously considering moving into aged care, how about checking around and comparing what we do with others. Afterall, this is your life and your future. And it’s why our residents said NO to a nursing home. The… Read More

Driving over 75

Have you thought about your driving recently? Are you older than 75 years and still driving? How do you find it? Residents at Glenvale Villas are always welcome to use our transport services on offer, to get to and from major shopping centres, medical centres and so forth. In addition staff are more than happy… Read More

It’s official: Ageing well means staying connected.

We all know the stories of how friendships matter. But recent studies have shown that health in ageing has a lot to do with the social aspect of older Australian lives. Put simply, the more socially engaged you are with friends, family and activities, the healthier your mental state. Obvious really, right? Why would you… Read More

Ita Buttrose says aged care system is failing

Ita Buttrose, Alzheimer’s Australia’s national president and Australian of the Year, has stated that she feels the aged care system is failing people. We couldn’t agree more, and that is why Glenvale Villas is at the forefront of change in the aged care system. We simply need to do better for our elder Australians. We… Read More

Ten Tenors in Toowoomba with ‘Mum’s the Word Tour’

Glenvale Villas’ mums are in for a treat with the Ten Tenors putting on a show on the 8th of May in Toowoomba for Mother’s Day. The brand new show includes all of the most requested songs the boys have ever performed as well as the most requested songs they haven’t! Audience favourites including Hallelujah,… Read More

Annette Funicello dies. The passing of a cultural icon.

A small article made the news last week about the passing of Annette Funicello at the age of 70. To most of the recent generations, she was unknown, or an answer in a quirky trivia quiz, but for many of us she represented the changing of a culture and a symbol of a simpler time…. Read More

No Falling for April!

April is “No Falls” month! The Australian Physiotherapy Association (APA) is promoting a “no falls” message in an attempt to create awareness about falls risks and prevention. The campaign is called ‘April No Falls’ after ‘April Fools Day’. In an article from the popular website they quote “The Australian Bureau of Statistics has found… Read More

Breaking down the barriers that aged care once represented.

Aged care is broken, and any fix seems to be coming very slowly. But why? Other things appear to be improving quickly. We see technology taking leaps and bounds into a bright promising future, we have a global-wide movement to a more sustainable use of our planet’s resources… but we can’t seem to fix aged… Read More

It used to just be called MILK!

Ever hear those stories from your grandparents of milk straight from the cow, or how it just doesn’t taste the same anymore? Shopping as an older Australian must now be a daunting task. There’s endless varieties of everything and lots of fancy marketing terms that are meant to differentiate the stuff that’s good for you,… Read More

Making the aged care move easier

Moving is stressful, at any age. Exchanging the familiarity of the old with the shock of the new can be even worse for our seniors, especially if there are medical issues to contend with as well. But there are things we can all do to make the transition easier. Here are a few tips for… Read More

We celebrate individuality

Who are you? Are you the sum of your health needs, your illnesses, your gripes and complaints? Are you a name on a chart, a medicine bottle, or number 14 down the hall and to the right? Not at Glenvale Villas. Here, we not only celebrate individuality, we use it to personalise everything. So, here’s… Read More

No longer the humble banana from our school lunchboxes.

At Glenvale Villas, we are always looking to keep our residents as healthy as possible. The better the health, the less chance of illness, and the better our lifestyles are. We have more energy, more involvement and a happier disposition. So what are some of the super foods that can help us as we age?… Read More

Glenvale Villas celebrates 100th resident milestone

Glenvale Villas Supported Living Community recently marked its 100th resident milestone with a celebratory morning tea attended by Toowoomba Mayor Paul Antonio. Along with Mayor Antonio, Cr Geoff McDonald, and Chamber of Commerce CEO Greg Johnson were special guests invited to attend a celebratory morning tea hosted by Glenvale Villas to mark the occasion.  The… Read More

More accolades for Glenvale Villas

The Glenvale Villas Supported living community at Toowoomba has received outstanding industry recognition again at the 2012 Service Integrated Housing: “Choices for an Ageing” Australia conference recently held on the Gold Coast. For the second year in a row, the highly successful supported living community has been showcased at the Aged Care Queensland sponsored conference… Read More

A busy month of events keeps us all young

December is always a busy month at Glenvale Villas. In keeping with our philosophy of “no such thing as ordinary,” December saw many great events and activities at Glenvale Villas Supported Living. For a start, it’s a busy month anyway with Christmas and New Years, but true to form, our activity co-ordinators don’t rest there…. Read More

Aged Care On The Gold Coast: Why Extras Count

Lifestyle is important, especially as you age. Maintaining regular exercise, a healthy diet and even social ties, may all positively impact your health, contribute to your mental alertness and certainly to your happiness. That’s why should you be looking at your aged care options, and why it’s a good idea to look at the whole… Read More

Aged Care On The Gold Coast: Long-Term Options

If you are looking at assisted living options, you will soon realise there are various types of providers and levels of assistance. In working out where to go, it’s a good idea to consider your potential long-term needs. The location, facilities and even staffing levels may all also impact on your decision. Traditionally, retirement villages… Read More

Traditional Shortcomings Of Retirement Villages

Our median age is rising, people are living longer, and aged care is something of a hot topic. There are been some negative reports in recent years on the state of aged care in Australia, and nursing homes in particular. While retirement villages have tended to have a better reputation, in truth, there are pros… Read More

The Pros And Possible Shortcomings Of Nursing Homes

Traditionally, nursing homes have provided support for seniors who can no longer care for themselves at home. Support might range from low-level care (help with eating meals, dressing, showering etc.) to high-level care (24-hour nursing care). Over the years, lifestyle based alternatives to nursing homes have emerged, such as retirement villages, which may suit a… Read More

An Introduction To Nursing Homes

There’s no doubt Australians are living longer, and quality of senior life is of course a paramount issue. As you age, there is often the need to move into assisted living, be it a nursing home, retirement village or a retirement community. Nursing homes in particular have received some criticism in recent years, and it… Read More

Issues In Aged Care For Australia: Planning For The Future

Australians are living longer than ever before, so once you hit retirement age, it’s still important to think long-term. Planning for your senior years entails considering your entire lifestyle, including everything from finances to your social life. Financial Planning – Planning for a long life means you need to ensure you are financially stable. You… Read More

Lifestyle Tips For Elderly Citizens: Think Socially

While family may have been the centre of your life for many years, you shouldn’t underestimate the importance of a social network of friends in retirement. Social activities can help keep us happy, healthy and feeling much younger! If you find you have lost touch with friends over the years, it’s never too late to… Read More

Breast Cancer Fundraiser At Fairways

Recently residents of another Futurecare community, Fairways Supported Living in Tweed Heads, hosted a Breast Cancer Fundraiser to raise $1000 for the Breast Cancer Foundation! Jenna Smith organises the fun filled event every year, as cancer has affected so many people, including her own family. The community was invited to come along to enjoy the… Read More