Great things about Spring in Toowoomba

spring flowers

We have survived winter! Do you smell the faint smell of Jasmine on the wind?

It’s been a mild one, for which we are always grateful. We do love to crank up the log fires and sit warm and comfortable with our favourite drop of red in the evenings. However, being able to do some nice walks and many hours of gardening without needing thermals and a scarf during the day is a blessing! We are not complaining.

The garden beds have been turned, weeded and the composting done. We are all set for the Carnival of Flowers.

Spring is a wonderful time of year, and it is especially so in Toowoomba. Up on the range our seasons are noticeably different from one another and we relish watching the changes nature brings. It’s an annual reminder that life has its seasons and we are all just part of the wheel. Where Winter is for staying home and nurturing the spirit, Spring must surely be for opening the doors and venturing further afield. There is something vibrant in the fragrantly flowered air which beckons us to celebrate life.

With that in mind, here are our top seven things about Spring time in Toowoomba

  1. The Carnival of Flowers has everybody in a frenzy of gardening. It’s a great time to exchange tips and cuttings.
  2. Local spring produce overflows the shelves. We especially love the freshly picked peas.
  3. The trees start to green up again and our parks seem buzzing with life.
  4. Picnic point is a delight with clean crisp air and views for miles. The days are warm and the air cool, it’s the perfect recipe for a quiet stroll or a good book. If you are lucky you will chance upon a wedding.
  5. The Toowoomba Expo at Toowoomba Showgrounds is an event not to be missed.
  6. We love to head over to the Camp Oven festival and try a bit of damper, watch some sheep shearing and enjoy a little bush poetry.
  7. Glenvale Villas looks very pretty in the spring time, and we love the smiles on our residents faces as they admire the gardens.
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