Over 65? You still matter!

over 65

There is no shortage of absolutely inspirational people in our world. With our western focus on venerating Youth in all its glory, we sometimes forget to acknowledge what older Australians offer our community. That’s why we love this article about a 102 year old Australian dancer preparing her own ballet – to perform with a cane if necessary. That’s determination!


Life does not fail to be creative, or productive, once you reach an over 65 age group. There are probably many intelligent fine upstanding senior citizens not being acknowledged for their amazing feats.

We adore how Eileen Kramer proudly admits her age. It’s a bit of an achilles heel of ours, but if you have lived your years well enough to grow old, surely you should be permitted to be proud of the number representing that life. Many residents at Glenvale Villas are incredibly proud of their years. Yet, everywhere, we are confronted with evidence that all those numbers after 65 are deemed less relevant. How many forms do you complete where the “tick your age bracket” checkboxes reach 65 and then can’t be bothered listing any more and insert a  “65+”! It’s insulting really, isn’t it? It’s like those scores of years following 65 are all seen the same, lumped into one generalised cluster that screeches “You Are Old”! To be honest, it would be like NOT counting a child’s age from birth until 25! You are simply “-25” or “Young”!

To a 75 year old, 65 seems positively youthful. To a 95 year old, 65 is a lifetime ago! So much goes into 30 odd years. Those years count – each and every one of them.

Have a gander at this one… http://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/592277/million-company-directors-over-65-Aging-leaders-driving-economy-boost

“THE silver generation is working for longer than ever, with over a million company directors now aged over 65.”

Proof that older citizens – even pensioners – are vital contributors to society.

Agree? Then, you’ll love this slide show too…


We believe that if you have the will, you can definitely find a way. It may not be the road you imagined. Age does need a few concessions after all. However it can be a road that leads to fulfilment and meaningful contribution none-the-less.

We think we need to redefine how we perceive ageing and the value of individuals as they grow into their mature years. We heartily believe that one of the first steps is eradicating that “65+” off all paperwork and let’s start making those post 65 age groups matter.

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